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Byte-6: Integration Center For Enablement

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Integration center for enablement helps an organization to maximize its investments. Integration is the heart of any organization to deliver the best returns and make the enterprise produce products/ features rapidly.

Building an integration center for enablement is a journey.

  • Think from enterprise vision vs. siloed vision 
  • Get executives to support, an important aspect.
  • Establish common platforms, technologies, and tools.
  • Establish process and frameworks from day one. 
  • Define standards and best practices.
  • Set-up Governance model. 
  • Define current, transition, and future state architecture.
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The Digital Essentials, Part 3

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More importantly, act fast to deliver value with the initial use cases while building the integration center’s foundations for enablement, enabling trust and confidence from the executives and teams.  

Here are some common traits for building an integration center for enablement in your organization. It doesn’t matter what level of maturity you are at in the integration space today; this is a journey and iterates through continuous feedback.


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