How to easily access CRX/DE after AEM 6.5.5 upgrade (SP5)


If you are on AEM 6.5 and have upgraded to Service Pack 5 (AEM version 6.5.5) you might have noticed that you can no longer login to AEM via CRX/DE

This change was implemented in the SP5 update and according to the CSE that our team worked with:

“The login and logout buttons have been removed on purpose from CRXDE for security reasons (internal ID: GRANITE-27790). Back ported to AEM as part NPR-33521.”

The work around that the CSE suggested was to navigate to:
login and then navigate to /crx/de

You can take that workaround a step further and navigate to

the added resource=/crx/de param here is just the AEM param for redirect after authentication. Basically, after you login, you’ll be redirected to /crx/de

That only works on Author instances, for Publish instances, you have to navigate to package manager:


login, then navigate to /crx/de

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Thoughts on “How to easily access CRX/DE after AEM 6.5.5 upgrade (SP5)”

  1. Just wanted to note that this doesn’t seem to be specific to Adobe MS – on-prem environments have the same behaviour.

  2. I found that adding the following full path query parameter of CRXDE Lite to both author and publish instances makes this work on both.


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