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Working From Home: How Perficient Is Making Fitness a Priority


At a time when many offices are working remotely, the Perficient team is collaborating and sharing their best tips and tricks to stay inspired and successful. This post is the first in a series on keeping your body, mind, and spirit active while practicing social distancing.

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Perficient Focuses on Fitness

It is no easy feat to keep fit when your feet are propped on a reclining chair! It can be more difficult to get movement in without the scurrying to-and-fro meetings, grabbing coffee refills, or hitting step goals while collecting documents from the printer down the hall. Working at a company with a history of promoting employee health and wellness means there are ways to stay healthy and connected even when working remotely. 

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In my quest to keep after my own fitness goals while social distancing, I called upon the Perficient community. Check out what they had to say.

Stay Moving to Stay Healthy


Pam Urso knows what it takes to make health a top priority.

I thought back to what I used to do before I was able to go to the gym. I dusted off the ol’ workout DVDs! Yep, that’s right – I brought back a few of the old favorites. Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, and Billy Blanks are all part of my morning routine again! I also committed to getting at least 30 minutes of “activity” each evening after work. Each night this week I either took a walk or went for a bike ride!

I think what we have to remember is we still have the same amount of hours in the day that we did before being on lockdown. Whether you were going to the gym before work, during lunch, or after work, you still have that time in your day to “be active”.  There are several apps and live broadcast workouts available to access online. People can make the same commitment to the at-home workouts as they did to go to the gym; look at it as an opportunity to try new things! Additionally, since we aren’t commuting to and from work during the lockdown, that’s extra time in the day to try a new workout or go for a walk!

Pam Urso, Talent Acquisition Manager

Call Upon Thy Virtual Trainer


Sarah Shapiro and her cat use yoga videos and online trainers to keep active.

To get myself to stay motivated, I started a free trial of Beachbody which gives you access to tons of various workout videos such as Insanity and P90X. Other companies are also offering extended free trials such as Peloton and Daily Burn as well. My boyfriend and I have been staying on our same schedule of working out in the morning. We put one of the videos on and really push ourselves. We’ve had to be creative though with weights – soup cans and wine bottles have been coming in handy.

I think the schedule part is huge, because it’s very easy to fall into an abyss of just rolling out of bed and checking emails without taking time for yourself. I also think it’s really important to get outside – while maintaining a safe distance from others of course. After work, I walk with my dog – and sometimes with a rewarding cocktail in hand!

Sarah Shapiro, Corporate Marketing

Take It Outside


Joy Horina and her beagle love getting outside in the sunshine to stay active.

My gym is closed, so several mornings a week I do a resistance band workout when I wake up.  I’m not sure it does that much, but I am moving and it feels nice! Over lunch, I try to run or walk my beagle. I drive to parks in my area just to see something different besides my neighborhood. I tell myself that my beagle needs it, but really I just need it or I am going to lose my mind! Yesterday, I felt down in the dumps, but I went for a walk and felt much better!

— Joy Horina, Talent Acquisition


Enjoy Fresh Air and Beautiful Scenery


Jaida Blair took this beautiful photo of the landscape while on one of her healthy walks.

Take a walk! There is a beautiful state park a few miles from my house. I love going out to get fresh air, enjoy the views and spend time with family outdoors. I also enjoy going on a drive too, even if I have nowhere to go. Hopping in the car, turning on some tunes, and rolling the windows down has helped me get out of the house.

Jaida Blair, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Keep A Routine

Marten Bjork Lpe9u9etwmu Unsplash (1)

I have been trying to keep active while working from home, and it has been great! Since I do not have a commute, I still keep my normal morning routine but use my “drive time” to be my bike time. I get 30 minutes in on my bike and finish with a few sets of sit-ups and pushups. Then when I need a break, I will take 10 minutes and knock out another set of sit-ups or pushups and maybe work in some squats while on a conference call. Lunges are easy to work in as well!

I also find that I am less “snack-ish” at home. I am more likely to pass on chips and just grab some more water or some grapes, etc. It has been very rewarding, as this keeps me motivated and energized throughout the day resulting in a higher level of productivity.

Mattie Yallaly, Travel and Expense Manager

Switch It Up!


Laura Kenny gets creative by incorporating dumbbells into workouts.

Being couped up and sitting so much has me stir-crazy! I’ve been incorporating short circuits here and there throughout the day. My goal is to get up and move every hour, even if it’s just to do a few jumping jacks! Luckily, we have a pair of 35 lb dumbbells. During my break, I commit to doing a few exercises with them: squats, deadlifts, and bridges. For those of us who enjoy lifting weights, not having access to the gym is a real challenge. This little routine has made me feel confident that I can continue to tone and take care of my body! Additionally, Abbie Kaplan (Corporate Marketing) and I are training for a half-marathon this October. Even though we can no longer run together, we are accountability partners!

Laura Kenny, Talent Acquisition Coordinator


Abbie Kaplan and Laura Kenny are training for a half-marathon to stay active. Stay tuned at @PerficientLife for updates on their progress.

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Perficient strives to share the best and brightest tips for you to achieve success. Follow along with our Working From Home series to discover great ways to continue your achievements while working remotely.

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Laura Kenny, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Laura is a Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Perficient. Her professional interests are in writing, design, marketing, and public relations. In her free time, Laura is an avid rock climber and guitarist.

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