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How a Perficient Blogger Stays Fit at the Office

shutterstock_133532750Perficient XD sales coordinator Claire Ritzen recently tracked her steps during an average day in the office. When she ended up around 3,000, she started to pursue more ways to get to the recommended daily goal of 10,000.
Her recent post on our Spark blog delivers great ideas for staying fit on the job:

The majority of jobs that we hold have us sitting at our desks from 8am to 5pm, five days a week. That’s 40 hours of sitting, typing, and talking. Sure, we walk to the bathroom, we walk to get coffee, but when I tracked my steps for an average day in the office, I was at around 3,000. For comparison, it is recommended that we walk 10,000 steps a day.
Many of us have difficult schedules and conflicts that don’t allow us to workout at the crack of dawn, or maybe we have to pick up the kids from school after work, so that is shot, too. Even though your schedule may not allow for you to carve out 45 minutes a day to work out, here are a few tips for staying “active” while sitting at your desk.

Click here for Claire’s six tips, and motivation to get moving.

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Kristin Brashares

Kristin Brashares serves as Digital Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient and is a proud member of the Women in Tech ERG.

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