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Why Personalization Can Unlock Customer Loyalty and Bottom-Line Results – Here’s Why #229

Lisa Sherwood and Eric Enge on Why Personalization Can Unlock Customer Loyalty And Bottom Line Results

Personalization makes it a lot more likely for a customer to buy from you even if they originally didn’t intend to.

In this episode of the award-winning Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Eric Enge and Lisa Sherwood explain why personalization can unlock customer loyalty and how you can apply it to your digital marketing strategy.

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Eric: Hey everybody, it’s Eric Enge again. And I’m here today with Lisa Sherwood. She’s one of our senior marketing consultants here at Perficient Digital, with a specialization around content and content marketing. One of the things we wanted to talk about today was personalization. So, what’s up with personalization?

Lisa: I was talking with one of my clients today about personalization and how important it is for them to build connections with their customers.

Eric: Great, but did you also talk to them about how personalization makes it a lot more likely for a customer to buy from them even if they originally didn’t intend to?

Lisa: What do you mean?

Eric: Personalized experiences make your customers feel like you understand their pain points and motivations and because you understand them, they feel a connection, right? And the more you help them solve their problems, the more likely they are to come back.

Lisa: I did talk to them about starting from their customer journeys and their personas, kind of digging back to some of their pivotal core documents, and thinking about whether those really align with their customer journey that they know now and whether their new personas are really personalized. And we thought we could start from there.

Eric: That’s a great first step. But did you talk to them about some of the challenges of implementing a more personalized approach to digital marketing?

Lisa: We kind of did, but I know that there are a lot of potential pitfalls there.

Eric: For example, email communications are the most frequently personalized things. It’s easier to implement than some other areas in most cases. But getting traction on things like web experiences, and online advertising and mobile apps is really more difficult. That’s because it’s hard to gather the data and build up a smart martech stack and fill any gaps and skills needed to generate and analyze the data and implement solutions. Add to that the competing priorities and time required to create quality, authentic personal experiences and it’s no wonder personalization can take a backseat.

Lisa: They’re going to need to write a lot more content.

Eric: Absolutely. And there are virtually infinite content ideas if you dig into the personas and the journeys from the high level to the really detailed and niche stuff. If you’re answering their questions, that’s a good way to build trust with customers.

Lisa: And as usual, what’s good for customers is good for Google too, right?

Eric: Absolutely. I mean, one thing that we’ve seen over the past eighteen or so months since Google’s March 2018 update is they’re getting much better at understanding the customer intent with a query. And that’s a big, big change in the whole web landscape.

Lisa: They’re probably going to want to look at their site architecture and user experience. I mean, if they really want to do personalization, it’s going to take a whole bunch of work.

Eric: That’s absolutely right. I mean, pretty much anywhere that customers interact with them, they’ve got to figure out how to get personalization to work in that scope.

Lisa: I guess we’d better get down to it then.

Eric: Sounds good.

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