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Digital Transformation

2 Strategies to Conquer the Need for Speed to Market

Digital Transformation

Today’s businesses face mounting competitive pressure to innovate quickly. Speed to market is driving the need to be more agile. More IT organizations are embracing agile processes, but it doesn’t start and stop with IT. This trend will spread beyond IT, pushing the entire company to become agile. This new way of working requires more communication across teams. It’s truly about culture and process, and it takes time.

What most concerns me about go-to-market right now is the tendency to get stuck. Sometimes companies do so much back and forth and aren’t agile enough to get to market fast enough. Then a competitor swoops in and takes over. There are many strategies to prevent that from happening. In this post, I share two.

2 Strategies for Go-to-Market Success:

1. Send Your Idea to Test Groups

Companies can sometimes get so stuck in strategy and overthinking they never take the first step, and that first step is so critical. Bring your minimum viable product to market, and get responses immediately. Determine whether or not adjustments are needed. Many venues are now available to test products. It’s easier to produce smaller quantities of a product to roll out for a trial and gather feedback. Instead of working internally on iterations, start working with end users from the beginning. Get your idea into the hands of people who will really use it. Let them find every way possible to break it so improvements can be made immediately. Don’t wait for that perfect product to come about before launching it.

2. Mind the Gaps

Go-to-market is strategy. Your organization needs to establish a starting point to understand where you fit in the market, what your customers are looking for, and what your competitors are doing. Fill the gaps between what competitors currently offer and what customers demand.

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Next in the Series

This blog series is part of a special series inspired by our e-book. In the next post, Perficient Chief Strategist Bob Vanek will discuss how to focus on optimization and continuous improvement.

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