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Take Your Intranet to Court


A great customer experience (CX) doesn’t necessarily begin with your customer-facing website. More and more companies today are shifting their focus and evaluating all that goes into a great CX. If you take a step back and think about what’s critical to delivering a top-notch customer experience, the employee experience and similarly, employee engagement, are very likely to be on your short-list. 
Sometimes, to raise the proverbial bar (the customer-facing bar, of course), you have to put in the work for your employees. Ultimately, enriching your employee experience through an improved intranet drives a better CX. The more engaged your employees are in their work, the apter they are to contribute to your organization’s success. Similarly, giving employees access to information, data, and insights spawns engagement and empowerment. 
According to a study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, this notion leads to a concerted effort within an organization to ensure “mobile-first” policies are in place, and improvement of collaboration tools. The ability to work from anywhere is nearly as important as access to information. One area to apply these efforts is often the company intranet. 

Orrick Looks Within for External Results 

One great example of a global law firm did just that, honing in on the corporate intranet, is Orrick. The intranet design stemmed from the desire for a quicker and more efficient way of managing and distributing information internally to meet clients’ needs. Over time and due to increased business demand, Orrick’s intranet experienced tremendous growth. It had expanded to include thousands of pages, reports, and business applications.
Our work with Orrick began by identifying personas and job titles across the company to establish a personalized web page for each person who would log into the intranet. This, along with advanced content management, created easier access to client and matter pages. Another large piece of this process was integrating intelligent search functionality. The new functionality included predictive search which would provide users with results as they type. Not only that, but the new site is mobile responsive for 24/7 access. 
Choosing the Sitecore platform was integral for the role-based personalization of their intranet. It allowed for personalization based on the employee’s position, whether it be secretary, associates, partners, or staff. The four personas see completely different views of many of the pages on the intranet. Sitecore’s rule-based personalization capabilities were vital to enabling this key feature of Orrick’s intranet.
Orrick Intranet

Award-Winning Results and Knowledge Sharing

This work with Orrick was recently recognized by the 2019 WebAwards for Portal Standard of Excellence. The award was given by the Web Marketing Association for outstanding achievement in web development. With the help of Sitecore’s advanced content management system and all-in-one capabilities, you too can enhance your intranet with award-winning functionality in a way that drives employees to use it on a regular basis. 
We are proud of our work with Orrick and have partnered with their team to show you just that. To receive more information about how you can transform your business with an intuitive, robust intranet, visit our session at Sitecore Symposium this year on November 5 at 1:30 PM ET.

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