Fragmented Data, 1 Source of Truth: Why to Use Datorama [Webinar]
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Fragmented Data, 1 Source of Truth: Why to Use Datorama [Webinar]

Want to connect all of your marketing data in one place in real-time? Attribute revenue directly to campaigns? Or simply make more data-driven decisions?

Come learn more about Datorama, the AI-powered marketing intelligence platform serving some of the world’s biggest brands like IBM, Trivago and many more. Eric Dukart, practice director at Perficient, will explain how it puts a single source of truth at your fingertips. Plus, he’ll discuss:

  • Common challenges and demands for marketers regarding speed, transparency, and ROI
  • Industry best practices
  • Top benefits of using Datorama
  • Real-world case studies, including a quick demo
  • How to get started at your own organization

Join us for the webinar on Thursday, August 1 from 2:00 – 2:45 pm CT. (If you’re unable to make it, you can still sign up to get the webinar recording delivered straight to your inbox.) Hope you can join us!

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In the meantime, continue reading about Datorama here.

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