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5 Signs Data Accuracy Could Be Blocking Marketing Attribution

If you’ve been working on marketing attribution for any substantial amount of time, you likely understand it’s a long game. Perhaps today you can report on clicks and downloads, but you can’t show your impact all the way to closed-won. Maybe your marketing automation platform had an expert configuration when you launched it a few years back, but it’s been awhile since you’ve looked at your database and now you cringe, knowing you likely have old, bad, and incomplete data.
Foundational components like data hygiene can have a big impact on your ability to prove marketing attribution.
Here are 5 signs data accuracy might be an obstacle to your attribution efforts:

  1. High bounce rates

This could indicate old or invalid email addresses are active in your database and need to be cleaned and removed.
2. Low response rates
This can also be an indication of inaccurate lead information. If you’re sending an email about marketing operations to lead who is now a director and wants strategic content, you’ll see a low response rate because old data is causing you to send irrelevant content.
3. Irrelevant segment identification
Professionals change jobs, get promoted, and move onto different companies all the time. Your lead data from last year’s tradeshow isn’t accurate today. If you aren’t updating and cleaning your data regularly, you may have irrelevant segments in your database.
4. Decreasing rate of impact for sales teams
If your sales team is reporting a decline in the quality of leads, that can also be a general indication of inaccurate data across your database.
5. Lack of client feedback
If you’re not closely connected to what your customers need today (not yesterday) and documenting it in your database, your attempts to engage with them may not hit the mark.
Want to learn more?
Data accuracy is just one area that can block attribution efforts. Grab our guide below to learn more.


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