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Perficient Grows with Innovation

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Kelley Farrell, Associate Marketing Manager, writes about how innovation inspires and leads to growth.

Innovation is the product of a thought or an idea that ignites inspiration. It makes you think outside the box. While each of our values stands for something that provides a balanced workplace that lets our colleagues thrive, innovation stands out most to me.

New Ideas Lead to Growth

Innovation implies growth. It is exciting to feel like you are a part of a team and a company that is growing so quickly and always reaching for new goals and ideas. Not only is Perficient innovative in what we do as a leading digital transformation consulting firm for our clients, but internally, I have seen how we can be innovative with new ideas to better ourselves, too. I appreciate how, even in the few years I’ve been with the company, I am able to contribute my ideas and thoughts to help tell our story.

Innovation in Action

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COVID-19: Digital Insights For Enterprise Action

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Get Informed

I have had a hand in several marketing campaigns that promote our digital transformation expertise. I was able to bring all my ideas to the table and even see several of them come to life. However, a lot of these innovative ideas are due to strong collaboration within our team.

We have to be innovative to get people’s attention, so innovation is incorporated into my work in digital marketing with our social media presence and website. More importantly, I see numerous employees being innovative on our blogs, sharing their thought leadership with their own new ideas with our audience.


Perficient colleagues share what our core values mean to them as part of our special “We Value” series.

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