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How to Implement Lookup Tables in a OneStream Application

When developing OneStream applications, very often the need arises to convert certain strings like member names into other strings using some sort of a lookup table. It is similar to mapping, but outside transformation rules – say, when calculating cash flow items, the code needs to look up the correspondence between balance sheet and income statement accounts and cash flow statement items.

While it is possible to hard code these correspondences, it is always a good idea to expose this sort of mapping to the end user. Turns out, this is something very easy to do. In fact, OneStream supports this sort of lookup mapping right out of the box. The lookup tables are maintained alongside Transformation Rules:

Onestream - Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges
Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges

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New mapping groups created in the Lookup folder look very similar to the groups inside dimension folders, but only allows One-To-One entries:

Once it’s set up, end users can easily access and update mappings as needed, while developers can use it anywhere in the application code to retrieve target value based on source value, as if from a global dictionary:

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