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MicroStrategy World: Opening Keynote with CEO Michael Saylor

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MicroStrategy World 2019 opened with CEO Michael Saylor’s “Vision of An Intelligent Enterprise”  with the recent release of version 11 of the entire MicroStrategy Platform ranging from analytics to mobile to security, MicroStrategy had a lot to cover.

Statistic: 95% of organizations report that mobile technology has improved access to and use of data and analytics in the cloud

Quote: 87% of successful digital transformations incorporate an underlying data strategy, Constellation Research

Statistic: 52% or organizations use or intend to use collaboration with analytics

Microstrategy - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

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Marge Breya, CMO of MicroStrategy, kicked off the keynote.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy

Michael highlighted a video of Chimpanzee’s able to memorize numbers and locations of numbers in 0.5 seconds, something no human can do.  Humans tend to take more time to make decisions. He noted that each company makes thousands of decisions every day.  Some we make in seconds but many take minutes, hours, and days.  Many of those decisions require quick decisions.

For example, when you interact with a customer, you have seconds to define how you will interact with them.

Intelligence Shift

  1. 1989: PC Intelligence
  2. 1999: Web Intelligence
  3. 2009: Mobile Intelligence
  4. 2019: Hyper Intelligence

Over time, insights will be progressively infused into all elements of our life

What’s critical

  1. Modern analytics
  2. Open archtiecture
  3. Enterprise grade platform

What’s coming in 2019

  1. Federated analytics
    • Every single enterprise agrees that they want a single version of the truth organized correct with one set of metrics and a mandated security model
    • Should be able to build applications quickly and easily
    • So which tools to use?  MSFT, Qlik, R, Python, etc. No one wants to go back
    • MicroStrategy supports your tool of choice via connectors and integration
      • It’s more important to have an enterprise grade platform that drives the single version of truth
  2. Transformational mobility
    • Need to embed insight into an application and put it in the palm of your hand
    • Don’t stop with analytics. Focus on transaction and communications
    • 2019 lets you:
      • Build a custom app embedded wherever you want
      • Embed a no-code app.
      • Create a mobile dossiers: can build this 10 times faster than a no code app and 100X than a custom app.
        • Dossiers are highly optimized for all channels.  1-2 second response times in mobile, web, etc.
        • How powerful?  At MicroStrategy they don’t use PPT anymore. They use the dossiers to make decisions and drive discussion
  3. Hyper Intelligence: the answer finds me before I ask the question
    • Think HyperCard, HyperVoice, and HyperVision
    • Only able to do this because of all the foundation that already exists
      • the ability to create a secure dossier and push to 27,000 people requires that kind of foundation
    • Hyper approach to insight: hover over a name or term in one second.
      • In a browser
      • In your email
      • In your CRM without pushing that data from 6 systems to CRM. Can do a real time call and do so quickly
      • In your Productivity Apps
        • Think about embedding hyper intelligence in your spreadsheet
        • The hyper card can enable completely new insights from multiple sources. It can do so without re-coding a spreadsheet
      • You can even inject a hyper card into a PowerBI dashboard

HyperIntelligence is like going from black and white to color

HyperVoice: This is like magic. Imagine you have a badge in your phone and you come up to the wall screen and ask the screen to show you your west region statistics. (Mirror, mirror, on the wall…)

This has a ton of use cases.  Any badge hooked up to a raspberry pi computer and any monitor or tv comes to life.  Recognize a product and show me stats, say hi to a customer and thank them for their loyalty as they checkin to the hotel.

Key to HyperIntelligence: Put the answer to the question up in front of me before I ask it.

Bottom Line

We can help you do this in two weeks.

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