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You Can Earn Google Featured Snippets. Here’s Why. Resizeimage (33)

Earning a Google featured snippet is a surefire way to boost your page to the top of the search list and drive traffic to your site. And here’s the good news: there are a few steps you can take to increase your odds of obtaining a featured snippet of your own.
In the 200th installment of the award-winning Here’s Why weekly video series, Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen, who joined Perficient Digital through our acquisition of digital consultancy Stone Temple, talk about content that is most likely to earn a featured snippet and what qualities they share. In 2018, the Here’s Why Video series was recognized twice by the industry, bringing home the Best Use of Video award from the Interactive Marketing Awards and Best Use of Content Marketing from the US Search Awards.

“So proud that we have reached a milestone of 200 episodes in our award-winning Here’s Why Video series. We learned a lot along the way – especially how to use a video series to help build a brand. Not just brand recognition, but how to drive the growth of a business. We did that by working hard to deliver high value to our target audience, through openly sharing information on the topic of digital marketing and the audience has responded with over 1.1 million Here’s Why views on YouTube.”

-Eric Enge, General Manager

Featured snippets are a valuable tool to improve your SEO efforts. Here’s why:

To learn more about Stone Temple, read our blog post about the acquisition.

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Sara Kaiman

Sara Kaiman is the Senior Marketing Coordinator overseeing the marketing for the Commerce and Experience Design business units. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, running, and painting.

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