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MicroStrategy World: 2019 a Breakthrough

MicroStrategy 2019 By The Numbers

  • 1,690 features
  • over 1,000,000 hours of development
  • At the Conference
    • 60 MicroStrategy expert sessions
    • 18 workshops
    • 20 partner presentations
    • 64 customer presentations

The Speed to Decisions

The Most Scalable Platform

  • This version has response rates 25% to 30% faster
  • 8 nodes gets you up to 135,000 concurrent users
  • You will see 30%-40% improvement across the board

Open Platform

  • Publish dossiers
  • New apits
  • ability to white label
  • embedded apis

In the cloud

  • Deploys in minutes
  • Monitor in real time
  • global availability
  • Availability on Azure and AWS
  • the Workstation managed from the cloud
    • create and manage on premise and cloud environments
    • create and manage users and group security
    • Certify dossiers, datasets, and hypercards
    • Publiseh personalized dossiers to the library
    • Platform analytics for monitoring real time usage


  1. Can configure either Azure or AWS in the cloud.  Easy choice
    1. dashboard shows you what’s running, how it’s capacity is being used etc.
    2. Can use the admin console to resize environments. Can do so using a scheduler. Cut the capacity on off hours for example
    3. Adding adminstrators is easy
  2. Workstation
    1. Easy to use on both Mac and PC
    2. Can share info on environments with MicroStrategy
    3. Added utilization info throughout the experience.  Includes all users at project and application level
      1. all a right click away
      2. Find any dossier for example and right-click to get info on the usage of that dossier
    4. Easy to apply security and roles
  3. Federated analytics: the enterprise semantic graph
    1. Open to lots of other reporting tools and data science tools
    2. 100’s of new features for analysts here
      1. new color palate
      2. powerful filters
      3. optimized connectivity to hundreds of others applications like Azure, Salesforce, Workday, Jira, etc.
  4. Data Discovery
    1. expose governance and the semantic graph to Qlick, PowerBI, Tableau, and others
    2. Has a new integration to Mapco for geospatial services
    3. Can do natural language queries
    4. In demo, connected to original data in snowflake and was able to further enrich an existing football dossier
      1. Used a natural language query to show teams by points
      2. Added a map and then added several layers
    5. Showed how a data scientist was able to pull data from MicroStrategy, review and gain insight, then publish back to MicroStrategy
      1. Then had PowerBI connect to the trusted data in the enterprise semantic graph
      2. Built a visualization in PowerBI

Technology Partner of the Year: Microsoft

Judy Meyer, head of Microsoft’s ISV program, joined Marge on the stage

The world is changing. Customers demand change.

Statistic: Data will grow to 44 zetabytes in 2020

Statistic: today, 80% of organizations adopt cloud first stratgies

Statistic: AI investment increased by 300% in 2017

Microstrategy - The Future of Big Data
The Future of Big Data

With some guidance, you can craft a data platform that is right for your organization’s needs and gets the most return from your data capital.

Get the Guide

At the intersection of data, AI, and cloud, you find companies who outperform their competition.

The modern data estate includes the foundational elements from Azure with MicroStrategy

  • SQL DB
  • Cosmos DB for NoSQL
  • Data Warehous db
  • Azure data lake
  • Azure databricks
  • azure HDInsight

Microsoft AI

This is about:

  1. Empower organizations to transform industries
  2. Empower developers to innovate
  3. Empower people to transform society

Thousands of customers use Microsoft AI: Lowers, Honeywell, Progressive, Macys, UPS, Sabre, Epic, Siemens, HP, and others.

Decisions in Minutes (Mobile)

How can you turn insight into action anywhere, anytime, and any device?

Tons of new features

  • Dynamic zoom
  • Android parity
  • enhanced geospatial analytics
  • enhanced dossiers
    • You can bookmark everything you like
    • better collaboration
    • real-time notifications
    • More visual filters: pinch and view
    • Ability to save state
  • Library enhancements
    • Personalized content
    • Powerful search
    • Instant recommendations
    • Offline access
    • Library application on mobile


  • Showed the mobile tablet app
  • easy to find and view dossiers
  • It’s completely mobile enabled with things like pinch and zoom
  • Also easy to find and change filters
  • Highly performant given it’s caching on mobile
  • Showed how easy it is to save a filter in a dossier and then share the changes to a colleague

Decisions in Seconds (HyperIntelligence)

This is about answers that find you.

Quote: If I don’t have hypercards turned on right now, I feel a little naked.

Hypercard can key off of:

  • account
  • employee
  • claim
  • product
  • location
  • customer
  • case
  • etc

This can be connected using a number of pre-configured templates from multiple data sources. You can even setup synonym matching etc.


  • From the workstation admin console the demoer created a new card
  • Went to a data set
    • pulled the dataset. Setup synonyms
    • dragged and dropped the metrics to the card (goals, fouls, yellow cards, etc.)
    • Saved it as an object
    • Took the card and setup security access
    • Note: can get the hyperintelligence component in Chrome
      • This embeds the existing cards throughout
      • In the demo, he showed how a search on a football player yielded embedded results in a card you can hover over


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