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Configure Oracle HCM Cloud as Source for EPBCS – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post series, we covered the standard process to create, configure, and initialize Oracle HCM Cloud as a source application for Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS). In Part 2, we’ll address the steps to take when the EPBCS application has customized dimensions. There is no Oracle documentation about this process. We worked with a team of Oracle developers to come up with the solution.

If the EPBCS application has customized dimensions, e.g. Department, Service_Line, etc, a customized Assignment eText template, which includes those dimensions, needs to be created in HCM first and sent to EPBCS side, in XML format, to create Data Source Target Application.

In Data Management, navigate to Target Application, then click “Add,” choose “Data Source”:


Choose “HCM” as source system:


Select the customized Assignment eText template XML file, sent from HCM admin:


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Click “OK,” the following application should be created:


The following dimensions have been added: Assignment_General_Ledger_Code_Combination_Segment1,

Now let’s create import format:

In the import format mapping, those can be mapped:
Assignment_General_Ledger_Code_Combination_Segment1 —> Entity
Assignment_General_Ledger_Code_Combination_Segment2 —> Location
Assignment_General_Ledger_Code_Combination_Segment3 —> Service Line
Assignment_General_Ledger_Code_Combination_Segment4 —> department


The Location, Data Load Rule, and mapping also need to be created.

In Part 2, we listed the manual steps how to create Data Management artifacts, which are created by initialization step in standard process.






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