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Finding Pride in Perficient’s Own Transformation

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, John Latham, director, writes about how proud he is of Perficient’s own personal transformation and how our emphasis on client satisfaction along with our regional roots have helped shape the company into what it is today.

One aspect of Perficient that I am especially proud of is our own transformation and the work we deliver to our clients. In order to build that essential trust between you and your client, you must have great solutions and great delivery. I see that every day within Perficient Digital and it reminds me how far we have come.

Delivery Excellence Team

It is an exciting time for us as a digital consultancy; a time where technology is driving change, but so are customer and consumer expectations. This means that our clients need to rise to that challenge, providing a point of competitive differentiation through excellence across experience, capability and toolset.

We also need to rise to that challenge, and I’m proud to say that in many ways we already have. Many large-scale systems integrators are strong on configuration and integration, but forsake experience and sometimes seek to replace- rather than build on their clients’ capabilities. Digital agencies tend to lead with what I call the Don Draper Three Martini Idea – all sizzle and no substance (or regard for execution). Because of our size and our culture, Perficient is uniquely positioned to solve truly transformative challenges – taking all important factors into consideration.

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Recognizing just how critical this is for our own interactions with clients, Kevin Sheen and John DeSue developed the “Delivery Excellence” program inside Perficient that centers on doing what we say we are going to do. This means a customer-centered approach to pursuing and delivering business – and it’s the reason for our high repeat-business rate.

I am a director within Perficient Digital, but I am also a member of this team. In true Kaizen fashion, we focus on providing predictable and consistent delivery to our customers. Programs like this make me proud to work for Perficient because they really show the importance we put on client satisfaction.

Midwestern Roots

I think that, in part, we can attest this emphasis on client satisfaction as well as our innovative nature to our Midwestern roots. While we push our clients to be innovative and inventive in a modern way, we encourage them through a pragmatic and down-to-earth way.

Individuals such as Henry Ford or the Wright Brothers founded many inventive and revolutionary companies here, and I think that work hard/think hard approach transcends the culture at Perficient. This pushes Perficient even further to deliver practical and innovative solutions to our clients.

Perficient’s Personal Transformation

I also think a lot about Perficient’s deep technology as a systems integrator, and how we have transformed ourselves over time to be a thought leader. This is not just specific to the digital space, but overall business optimization and the way that we are helping lead our clients within that space. It makes me proud to be able to go to a client and say, “we can help you transform, we have done it ourselves.”


Perficient colleagues share what our core values mean to them as part of our special “We Value” series.

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