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How to Set Default Pricing in Oracle Order Management Cloud

Pricing Highlights

Pricing in the cloud has significantly changed from the Oracle E-business Advanced Pricing. During my initial OM Cloud implementation, I quickly realized elements such as qualifiers and pricing attributes no longer exist to derive the list price for a sales order. Pricing in Oracle Order Management Cloud is mainly driven by pricing strategy assignments based on customer profiles (classifications). When a sales order is entered in Order Management Cloud, the pricing algorithm looks at the following:

  1. Pricing Profile – categorize customers with similar characteristics





2. Pricing segment – based on the pricing profile value assignment, pricing segments are used to  group customers based on these characteristics


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3.  Pricing Strategy Assignment – Pricing strategies allow a business to implement and enforce corporate pricing strategies and pricing objectives to meet business and revenue requirements.  Group pricing rules in a pricing strategy to control pricing behavior.


4. Lists – Create lists such as price list, discount list, shipping charge list, and cost lists which include rules that calculate price and shipping charges for an item. Price Lists (segment, discount, shipping) are assigned to Pricing Strategies.

5. Pricing Algorithm – Service mappings are referenced to price an item that it receives from Order Management Cloud.

  • Use pricing entities (defined in service mappings) to provide a source for pricing algorithms
  • Use pricing algorithms to transform attributes received from service mappings to output values
  • Choose attributes in the condition and results columns of a matrix class

  Pricing Flow

Setup Default Pricing

Consider if only a single corporate price list is used by the business and adjustments may be used to determine product or customer specific pricing. How do I default a pricing strategy definition to calculate price for all customers without assigning customers to pricing profiles? In some cases, this can be tedious. As I researched in Oracle support and SCM Administering Pricing user manual, a workaround was discovered.

Setup considerations:

  • Do not assign pricing segments to Customer profiles
  • Assign a single segment price list to the default pricing strategy

  • Apply a single condition and result value to a pricing segment (required for pricing algorithm to calculate price). This rule can be later used to create strategy assignments based on these values.

  • Assign the ‘sales order’ transaction type as a condition and the applicable default pricing strategy. The pricing strategy only has a single segment price list assigned.

  • Pricing should return list price to Order Management Cloud (assumes no adjustments are defined)

In closing, I have provided a very simplistic case for establishing a Corporate list price for all customers for an organization/business unit. As additional pricing strategies and grouping/classifying of customers is determined, these rules can be implemented based on business requirements.

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