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Setting up Daily Replication Script for PBCS applications

One of the things that organizations tend to want or need during and after an implementation are application refreshes.

In this blog post, I have two environments, PROD (Source) and TEST (Target), which I have developed a script to facilitate end users to refresh TEST environment. This script should be run where EPMAUTOMATE was installed and it can be automate by using windows task scheduler on or cron jobs on Linux.

By default Oracle Cloud runs full application backups every night and stores the Snapshots on the application inbox.

We will use the ‘Copysnapshotfrominstance’ command is used to move artifact snapshot across instances in cloud.

Sample Script:
@echo off
rem This script is useful to migrate Artifact Snapshot from Production to Test instance
rem Update the following parameters based on requirement
call epmautomate login Target_user Target_password Target_url Target_Domain.
timeout 10
epmautomate recreate –f
epmautomate deletefile “Artifact Snapshot”
call epmautomate copysnapshotfrominstance Artifact Snapshot Source_password Source._URL Source_Domain
timeout 8
call epmautomate importsnapshot Artifact Snapshot
timeout 10
call epmautomate logout


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