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Adobe + Magento: A Win for Them, Our Clients, and User Experience

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Adobe recently announced its plans to acquire Magento Commerce. This is sure to cause a major disruption in the commerce marketplace, as these companies position themselves to steal momentum and market share from some of the primary players – both enterprise and mid-market level.
The joining of these two powerhouse platforms means Adobe and Magento will together enable companies to own the experience. Marketers will now have the tools to deliver a seamless brand and shopping experience end-to-end – from content-driven pages to commerce-driven capabilities. All while maintaining consistency for both for the author and the end user.
This acquisition is a win for user experience. And, it’s a win for Adobe, Magento, and our clients.

Why It’s a Win for Adobe

For years, Adobe has tried to address the lack of commerce capabilities in their platform, through integration modules and techniques with various commerce systems. This acquisition signals Adobe’s recognition that transactions are a key part of the customer experience.
“In the Age of the Customer, experience doesn’t end when the customer adds a product to a shopping cart. In fact, the customer’s expectations have just begun,” Perficient Digital’s chief strategist for digital commerce, Mike Rabbior, adds. “Providing a consistent and relevant experience that meets and exceeds expectations throughout the entire customer journey is critical in the digital experience.” This acquisition has the possibility to round out Adobe’s capabilities in order to provide a single offering for businesses to do just that.

Why It’s a Win for Magento

Magento has been making efforts to move upmarket into enterprise-sized customers for some time. This acquisition creates an opportunity for Magento to accelerate into the enterprise market with the long enterprise customer history of Adobe, providing a compelling story to existing clients that they can expand into the greater Adobe portfolio as their digital business needs grow across analytics, marketing, experience management, or content. Magento customers would no longer need to worry about “outgrowing” Magento.

Why It’s a Win for Our Clients

We are at the intersection of this acquisition. We’re one of the Adobe Premier Partners in the Americas, and we’re an award-winning Magento Enterprise partner (with two recent Magento Imagine B2B Excellence recognitions).
We’re one of only a handful of digital experience providers who can claim these two strong partnerships and practices. We are uniquely positioned to help clients take advantage of the opportunities this acquisition will no doubt create. With our long history of implementing solutions based on both Adobe and Magento, we can help our clients align these opportunities for seamless and more integrated customer experiences with their business goals.
Adobe also announced the release of a new Commerce Integration Framework with a new modern approach to integrating Adobe products with any commerce platform. We are one of the only partners developing the Adobe to Magento integration as a part of their beta program, giving us unique insight into how Adobe and Magento will work together in the new ecosystem – furthering our position as a rare partner in the space with the skill set to be successful.
“Our vision is to deliver an integrated platform that makes every moment personal and every experience shoppable,” said Jay Dettling, VP Global Partners for Adobe.  “As we execute across a wide range of segments, industries, and scenarios  we are excited to partner with Perficient to accelerate our ecosystem integrations and go-to-market.”

What’s Next?

We’re excited about the possibilities of this acquisition. There are several opportunities this creates and (depending on how the adoption of Magento with Adobe unfolds) can reshape many aspects of the digital experience and digital commerce landscapes.

  • Will this accelerate Magento’s push into the enterprise market?
  • Will this accelerate Adobe’s momentum within the mid-market space?
  • How will Magento be folded into Adobe’s overall SaaS model and vision?
  • What technological changes and improvements will Adobe bring into the Magento platform?

The answers to these questions, and others, are evolving. But as a uniquely positioned, strategic partner and advisor to both Adobe and Magento, we’re excited to help shape the direction of these platforms for our clients and provide even better customer experiences.

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Robert Sumner

Robert Sumner is a tenured Adobe Digital Marketing and Experience Maker with over 20 years' experience helping Fortune 500 companies improve customer satisfaction, drive organizational efficiencies, and increase revenue using proven digital marketing/ecommerce strategies. Robert specializes in the manufacturing and automotive industries.

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