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In our latest healthcare guide, we highlight the importance of application programming interfaces (APIs) in driving business and consumer value. As organizations shift their legacy infrastructure in IT modernization projects, APIs will be at the center of their initiatives alongside containers, microservices, and other serverless technologies.

During the journey to API adoption, there is no doubt that technology executives and leaders will be asking questions around common use cases. After all, healthcare organizations throughout the industry must grapple with increased regulation, including the handling of medical records, data sharing between applications, and the privacy of patients.

Our work in the healthcare industry uncovers the following use cases:

  • Mobile Health: Otherwise known as mHealth, this use case addresses the general use of mobile phones and other wireless technologies for medical care. For healthcare providers, mHealth transforms clinical workflows by bringing critical data to point of care through mobile or web applications. Additionally, patients can use mHealth solutions to pay for their medical care, enhancing the patient-provider experience.
  • Delivery Models and Medical IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) will affect the healthcare space over the next few years, serving as a key prediction in research firm IDC’s FutureScape report. IDC expects IoT to drive services differentiation and transform patient engagement with the market spending expected to hit $117 billion by 2020.One example use case in medical IoT stems from the treatment of diabetes, a disease expected to afflict 1.5 million Americans this year. With API integration, patients with diabetes can use their mobile device to collect food consumption, medicine, and blood sugar data from any monitoring devices to a remote nurse who can respond via email or text.
  • New Digital Services: The push into digital transformation opens new revenue opportunities. For example, healthcare providers can use gamification strategies to drive engagement, leveraging APIs to connect with a variety of badges and rewards.

You can read additional uses cases on our white paper, which provides additional use cases and best practices for IT modernization with respect to APIs.

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Ultimately, the addition of APIs into healthcare technology promises to improve care, streamline data, and place privacy back into the hands of patients and consumers. If these are challenges you face, head on over to our healthcare practice page at and speak to one of our experts today.

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