Marketing and IT: A Team Effort in Cybersecurity

No matter how hard we try, it’s nearly impossible to keep our inbox free from junk mail and phishing threats. This is an annoyance for us, but for organizations, security threats pose a serious risk.  The looming threats facing businesses push them to constantly seek new technology in hopes of solving these issues.
As technology improves, other organizational changes follow. One example is the quickly closing gap between marketing and IT. In the past, these two groups were seen as very separate departments. However, this is no longer the case within many organizations.
In a previous post,  we discussed the recent partnership of Adobe and Microsoft, which resulted in Azure becoming the preferred platform for hosting Adobe Marketing Cloud. This partnership is just one example of the increasing need for marketing and IT to work closely. And while this crossover can be disconcerting, the trend will only continue to gain speed.
In a recent blog post, my colleague, Jane Louis, shared insight into why marketing and IT professionals should not only acknowledge but support this crossover. Even if this alliance seems less than critical now, making the transition could prevent serious issues down the road. As a marketing organization, did you ever consider you and your team responsible for preventing cyber attacks? Most likely not. But due to IT budgets being reallocated to marketing, and the move towards more technology-driven marketing, every touchpoint creates a potential for security vulnerabilities.
The future of technology is exciting. But in order to leverage it appropriately, we need to make the necessary adjustments now.
Has your organization already started to bridge the gap between marketing and IT? Comment below and share what benefits you’ve seen!

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