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How & When to Use Drip Marketing

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Drip marketing can go by many names. Autoresponder. Trigger. Automated campaigns. Drip programs. Whatever you call it, we’re talking about similar tools within the marketing automation toolbox.

Quick Intro to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation generally consists of sets of scheduled communications, which are designed to engage an individual in a specific way. And while automations may incorporate direct mail, phone and social media, the most ubiquitous channel is email marketing.

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3 Key Opportunities for Drip Marketing

Each customer’s time and attention is valuable, so make your connection with them count.

Keep your communication timely, your campaigns focused and your content meaningful. From autoresponders to journeys, here are a few key ways to do just that:

1. Welcoming and onboarding: A welcome email and onboarding series for first-time buyers can show new owners how to register, find helpful how-to instructions within your community and strengthen connections with your brand.

2. Important reminders: A required maintenance notification can help your customers keep their equipment performing at its best. Renewal reminders for warranties or services can be incredibly helpful, too.

3. Meaningful milestones: Remember, whether you’re talking about general communications or hyper-targeted messages, marketing automation is designed to engage your customers through thoughtful and timely interactions.

Start by identifying areas where you are able to provide customers new and beneficial information, such as:

  • A discount on an abandoned cart
  • A sales program on a highly considered piece of equipment they’ve been watching
  • Or even an educational series and safety information around their newly purchased machine

Finding the Right Balance

Remember, sending too many marketing emails will put off your customers. But when you strike a considerate and helpful balance, your email program can be an excellent source of demand generation and ongoing engagement. Plus, you’ll reinforce your brand’s commitment to your customers long after the initial purchase – strengthening loyalty and the likelihood of repeat business, too.

How to Learn More

Not sure where to start? Or have questions about how to get more out of your existing marketing automation tools? Let us know. We’ll be happy to help.

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