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Creating Seamless Customer Service Experiences with Dynamics 365 and Clarity Connect

Is your customer service technology finding new ways to delight or annoy your customers? Obviously you implement new technologies to engage and better serve your customers so that they remain loyal to you. However, the disintegrated nature by which many enterprises implement new digital touchpoints tends to irritate their customers more often than not.
Inevitably, customers will have problems, questions, or complaints about your products or services. It’s common for them to access their accounts through your website, browse the knowledge base, look at FAQs, or run a search before they send an email to support or initiate a request for help on Twitter. And, there are times when they might want to call your contact center and speak to an actual, knowledgeable human being.
When they do make that call, it’s possible the answering agent may need to transfer them to another department or specialist. The customer is already frustrated and expects a smooth customer service experience from your business. As we recently pointed out in our latest Digital Transformation Predictions guide, “The last best experience a consumer had anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.”
So, here is what you don’t want: you don’t want your customers to have to repeat or re-enter any information they’ve already provided on other touchpoints. Their request shouldn’t have to start all over from the ground up each time the customer crosses a touchpoint. A poor customer experience crossing from an automated bot to a live chat or phone call with your agents will make a frustrated customer no longer your customer.
Our omni-channel contact center solution is designed to prevent those frustrations and keep your customers happy. When a customer service representative answers the call, they see not only the customer’s history with your business, but any interactions across other touchpoints such as email, chat, and your website. The customer’s self-service history is captured and available to any AI bots running on e-mail as well as to the customer service representative. As the customer moves from chat to phone, then needs to be transferred to a specialist, the transitions are completely seamless as the customer’s interaction information transfers across channels.
It really doesn’t matter if the customer’s inquiry is about a product, their financial dealings with the company, the state of their order through manufacturing and shipment, or if they’re contacting you about a problem. Our solution pulls pertinent data from numerous sources, aggregating it into one unified interaction and transaction with the customer. Easy for the agent, fast service for the customer. Even if the customer has never heard the concept of an “omni-channel contact center” and “360 degree view of the customer,” they will appreciate being on the receiving end of this solution.

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Brad Beumer, Director, Microsoft Dynamics 365

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