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OBIEE 12c Tips: Where is the opmnctl?

opmnctl is no longer available in OBIEE 12c. Instead, it provides you with a better way to start and stop BI servers and components. If you have a default OBIEE 12c install on Windows, you will find three new script files under <mw-home>/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin:

  • start.cmd for starting all or a list of BI servers and components
  • stop.cmd for stoping all or a list of BI servers and components
  • status.cmd for checking BI servers and components’ status

All three scripts will start, stop, and check the status of the following BI servers and system components:

  • AdminServer (BI admin server)
  • bi_server1 (BI managed server)
  • obips1 (managed BI presentation server)
  • obijh1 (managed BI Java host server)
  • obiccs1 (managed BI clustering server)
  • obisch1 (managed BI scheduler server)
  • obis1 (managed BI NQ server)
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So how are the three scripts compared to opmnctl in OBIEE 11g?

I find that it is still very useful to be able to stop, start, or restart individual managed BI server components.  For example

  • to stop & start the managed BI presentation server only
    > stop.cmd -i obips1
    > start.cmd -i "obips1"
  • to stop & start both managed BI presentation and NQ server
    > stop.cmd -i obips1,obis1
    > start.cmd -i "obips1,obis1"
  • to stop & start all managed BI servers
    > stop.cmd -i obips1,obijh1,obiccs1,obisch1,obis1
    > start.cmd -i "obips1,obijh1,obiccs1,obisch1,obis1"
  • to stop & start AdminServer and managed bi_server1
    > stop.cmd -i AdminServer,bi_server1
    > start.cmd -i "AdminServer,bi_server1"

Optionally, pass in the -h domainHome parameter to all three scripts to specify the domain home if your 12c install is not a default install or have more than one BI domain installed.  Use the -? parameter to view the complete help for the scripts.


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