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3 Ways AI is Transforming BPM

Traditional technology platforms are experiencing massive upheaval with the arrival of new platforms around cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With monolithic infrastructure falling out of favor, traditional vendors have been forced to pivot and adjust, or face the prospect of going obsolete.

One of the areas facing great change is business process management (BPM). Traditionally centered around the priority of cost-cutting and process optimization, today’s digital transformation trends have moved the focus over to customer experience. As a result, BPM solutions are seeing an infusion of artificial intelligence (AI), especially as vendors look to differentiate themselves apart from the competition. In today’s blog, we assess which areas of BPM will evolve, based on a report from research firm Forrester’s own Rob Koplowitz.

  1. Machine Learning Will Optimize Processes: Analytics have taken over everything, including process management. In the past, operators had access to data, but were not provided actionable guidance. The emergence of AI takes those analytics a step further by providing actionable insights.
  2. Unstructured Data Becomes Organized: BPM traditionally excels at moving structured processes towards an automated manner. Unstructured processes on the other hand, are a different story since patterns aren’t so readily available. AI technologies including natural language processing (NLP) close the gap by providing sentiment analysis and the possibility to convert unstructured data to something more organized.
  3. New Interfaces, New Opportunities: The arrival of new technologies presents new interfaces and user experiences including voice commands and chat. According to Koplowitz, numerous vendors have integrated these types of features into their BPM systems to offer easier instruction handling and processing of automated tasks.

There’s a lot left to the imagination when BPM and AI merge. From manufacturing to insurance, the addition promises to make lives easier while accelerating positive end results.

Let us know what you think of this auspicious integration of technologies.

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In today’s innovative enterprise, IT exists in an ecosystem. In contrast to the past where many implemented solutions existed in individual silos, today’s implementations work together to influence positive business outcomes. This post is part of a series focused on guiding enterprises through an overwhelming process to compete, scale, and innovate in a fast-moving world. Follow more of the series here.

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