Improve Your Essbase Calculation Capability
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Improve Your Essbase Calculation Capability

The Essbase Block Storage (BSO) database is a powerful calculation engine capable of executing oodles of formulae with very few lines of code. But there’s a catch. You need to learn how to do it right.

A poorly written calculation in an Essbase BSO cube can yield some pretty spectacular results.  Here are a few examples that I have seen:

  • An individual wrote a calculation script to seed a forecast with actual data. The author omitted reference to the year and completely overwrote all historical years in the forecast with actual data.
  • A poorly written calculation script kept running until the Essbase server ran out of disk space.
  • An inexperienced developer wrote a very complex calculation script that yielded correct data but took days to run.

Some people can learn to avoid mistakes like these by reading and study. Others need mentoring or a classroom setting. On June 13th I’ll be teaching the two-day Oracle Essbase 11.1.2 Calculate Block Storage Databases class at our education facility in Houston, Texas.  This Oracle University course is a great way to see some of these types of mistakes in action as well as learn how to avoid them. You’ll also learn:

  • Some great methods for improving performance of your existing calculations.
  • The calculation development life cycle.
  • Calculation script design principles.
  • How to use AGGMISSG, UPDATECALC, and CALCCACHE to optimize calculation performance.
  • And a bunch more…

Instruction from the Essbase Calculation Block Storage Databases course applies to anyone developing calculations directly in Essbase or those developing business rules for Hyperion Planning.

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