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Cris Dunn

Cris Dunn is the manager of Perficient's EPM SupportNet practice which provides direct support for applications and infrastructure surrounding many organizations' EPM software implementations. He is also an Oracle University certified instructor and teaches everything around Essbase as well as the EPM installation and configuration classes. When he is not working, you will find Cris engaged in His church serving as the treasurer, musician, nursery worker, and, when necessary, toilet scrubber.

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Five Tips for Creating New OACS Instances

Five Tips for Creating New Oracle Analytics Cloud Services (OACS) Instances Recently, I have been assisting customers with creating new Oracle PaaS instances – specifically OACS – and I have come up with a few tips for those new to the process. Tip #1:  Keep a copy of the certificate pair you generate. PaaS instances […]

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One script to back up your OACS Essbase Application

Oracle Analytics Cloud Service (Essbase) has a handy command line interface that’s useful for remote execution of Essbase and system type functions such as running a backup.  This short article is simply a means to share a script that I use to run a simple Lifecycle Manager extract of one Essbase application.  This works well […]

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Moving a Member in an OACS Essbase Outline

Moving members in an Oracle Analytic Cloud Essbase outline is not as easy as it is in EAS Console. Here’s an overview of a not-so-genius method I found. Scenario: An account moves to a different parent. There is no move method in the OACS outline editor and if the account is shared elsewhere, we cannot […]

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Vacation Planning for Hyperion Administrators

When planning an out-of-town vacation, do you diligently ensure that you have someone lined up to water your plants, feed your goldfish, and keep an eye on your home?   What about your Hyperion environment? Do you hire a managed services provider to take care of your systems and watch over your applications while you are […]

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Improve Your Essbase Calculation Capability

The Essbase Block Storage (BSO) database is a powerful calculation engine capable of executing oodles of formulae with very few lines of code. But there’s a catch. You need to learn how to do it right. A poorly written calculation in an Essbase BSO cube can yield some pretty spectacular results.  Here are a few […]

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Wanna[Cry|Scream|Belch] Ransomware

I breathed a sigh of relief last Friday when I learned that Microsoft had patched a vulnerability in March that was recently exploited by the WannaCrypt0r ransomware.  I opt to have Windows OS updates installed automatically on my workstation so I was protected before the ransomware poked through the crust from the bowels of its […]

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RMM’ing Your EPM Systems

Do you like being awakened by a phone call from an unfriendly manager because a system you are responsible for has failed? Do you enjoy a good old-fashioned scolding by an executive because a financial system you support is running so slow that the user community has become unproductive? Do you have so much time […]

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A Better Way to Analyze Your Logs

At Perficient, our SupportNet team uses a variety of tools for analyzing logs across the Oracle applications. There are a number of different file formats, which often makes parsing logs troublesome. We have adopted use of regular expressions to help parse the variety of formats that we have to routinely analyze. “A regular expression (regex […]

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Smart View Released

Smart View was released on Friday and brings a few new anticipated features. Here is a recap from the patch readme: You can now insert Planning forms as charts into Microsoft PowerPoint, giving you a graphical display of the information in the form. The Oracle Journals extension now supports opening Oracle Hyperion Financial Management […]

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Mulling Ransomware – Eye-Opening Cybersecurity Statistics

Cisco recently released their Annual Cybersecurity report for 2017, which revealed several statistics I thought were real eye openers. You can pick up a copy here: Of the major findings in this document, I consider a few quite concerning, in particular: “Spam accounts for nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of total email volume… about 8 percent […]

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How to Monitor Essbase Database Fragmentation

Fragmentation of Essbase block storage databases occurs as a result of routine data changes, data loads, and calculations. Essbase has two database statistics that measure database fragmentation: the average clustering ratio and the average fragmentation quotient. Check out this article from the Oracle Customer Engineering & Advocacy Lab for a more thorough description of BSO […]

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How Cloud Adoption Could Spur a Rise in Coworking

Coworking is a style of work where an employee shares a working environment with others who are typically not employed by the same organization. This style of work is attractive to independent contractors, work-at-home professionals, and others who often work in relative isolation. I expect to see a rise in rural coworking as more companies […]

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Build a Home Server Lab on a Budget

For years, I have used either Oracle Virtual Box or VMWare Workstation for creating test servers so I could spend quality time with new versions of the Oracle EPM software.  This has required me to maintain a rather expensive and bulky workstation class laptop.  A high-end laptop capable of running a virtual machine with 4 […]

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Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2 Installation & Configuration

At the end of this month, I’ll be teaching the Planning 11.1.2 Install and Configuration Oracle University course in the near future. In this course, you learn about the processes involved in installing, configuring, testing, and maintaining Planning. You learn about the layers in the Enterprise Performance Management System infrastructure. Discussions include planning the installation, […]

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Oracle Hyperion Installation and Configuration Class

In spite of the push by vendors to move to cloud based applications, many organizations are still installing software in their own data centers. Oracle University offers a couple great classes on the Oracle Hyperion infrastructure, specifically for installation and configuration of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning.  Both of these classes provide […]

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Surgical Essbase Recovery: How To Back Up Your Essbase Data

Recovery of data in Essbase is sometimes confusing and time consuming depending on the type and frequency of backups previously taken. In this article, I’ll give you an idea of how you can back up your Essbase data for the purpose of restoring a slice of the database. Scenario: I am running a daily export […]

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A Solution to Essbase Security File Backups

Essbase does its best to be friendly to us system admin types, but sometimes I just want to scratch my head in bewilderment. In and later, Essbase performs a backup of the Essbase.sec file every 300 seconds and retains a default of two backups. This means that at any given time, you have two […]

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Why Smart View Users are Receiving Invalid Session Error

At some point in working in Smart View, you might have received an “invalid session” error. This is a generic error, and it may occur due to any of the following reasons: Timeout issues with Internet Explorer EXCEL incompatibility with smart view versions.  This is becoming increasingly more common for organizations upgrading Office to 2013. […]

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How To Speed Up Your Essbase Database Restructure

In Essbase, Oracle added a configuration option to improve the performance of Essbase Block Storage database restructures. RESTRUCTURETHREADS is a setting you can add to your Essbase.cfg file to enable parallel restructure of BSO databases. The proper syntax taken from the Essbase Technical Reference is: RESTRUCTURETHREADS [ appname [ dbname] ] n Application and […]

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Hyperion Planning – Essbase Exception – Cannot Restructure

Occasionally, I see a friendly error when attempting to refresh or deploy a Planning application that indicates there are active users on the Essbase application. This error is often adjacent to the error, “Date &Time]Starting Cube Create/Refresh…[Date &time]: Cannot restructure. There are other active users on database [%s] [Date&tim]: An Exception occurred during Application deployment.: […]

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