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Webinar: Creating a Mobile Strategy that Transforms the Enterprise

Success in a mobile-driven world depends on a sound mobile strategy. But establishing and implementing a winning strategy is a challenging task that can be costly if mismanaged.
Your mobile strategy should be much more than just building an app because it feels like the thing to do – it should outline how mobile will transform your enterprise.
Join Grant Davies, general manager of Perficient Digital Enterprise Mobile and Dave Kellogg, director of Perficient Digital Enterprise Mobile, on May 30 from 1-2 p.m. CST to discuss how to craft a mobile strategy that takes you beyond a singular app and into a mobile mindset for the business. You’ll learn about:

  • Managing and executing a mobile strategy
  • Finding and defining the people, roles, and skills that are necessary for mobile success
  • Navigating the mobile lifecycle
  • Critical mobile technology considerations, beyond just the development tools



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