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How to Transform The Digital Experience for B2B Commerce

B2B customers are changing the game of digital commerce. Some call it the “Amazon Effect,” but buyers in B2B are more accustomed to a buyer’s journey that includes digital experiences well before and long after the sale. They expect seamless, omni-channel experiences, accurate and detailed product and inventory information, one-click purchasing, and 24/7 self-service access.

68% of B2B buyers prefer to research online on their own, up from 53% in 2015
Source: Forrester

For B2B enterprises to succeed in this new landscape, they must adapt their strategies with a B2C focus, delivering digital experiences that provide buyers with the tools needed to research educate, and efficiently transact with their suppliers.
Forrester estimates that U.S. B2B eCommerce sales will reach $1.13 trillion by 2020. With this level of anticipated growth, B2B enterprises must up their game by transforming the entire purchase experience – from offline to online – so it delivers more value to customers.
Download our latest guide, Transforming the Digital Experience for B2B Commerce, that explores:

  • The impact of digital on B2B sales channels
  • Why B2B companies need an omni-channel strategy
  • The importance of integrated content and commerce in B2B
  • The path to converging content and commerce

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