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Mobile Page Load Is Important

We all spend a lot of time on the big things like creating the correct strategy, investing in innovation, and orienting our culture.  Even as you focus on those, you can’t lose track of the small stuff. Let me give you an example.  I’ve had two separate clients in 2017 tell me that when they create a mobile responsive page, all they need to do is shrink the image using image constraints rather than a separate rendition of an image.  Think of the implications of that, a 1MB image trying to download on your mobile phone can take a while to deliver……especially if it’s one of 70 images.

That’s why I found the Google Think article on mobile page speed industry benchmarks interesting.  You won’t be surprised to find that people want faster mobile pages but let me show one image from the Google Think article

Mobile Page Load Time


You should read the whole article but they made one point on the average mobile page

And sometimes, leaner is better too. We found that 70% of pages were over 1MB, 36% over 2MB and 12% over 4MB. That’s enormous for a single mobile page, given that 1.49MB takes seven seconds to load using a fast 3G connection.7 One image in particular caught our attention: It weighed a whopping 16MB.

So don’t forget the small stuff as you focus on other elements of your digital transformation.

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Mike Porter leads the Strategic Advisors team for Perficient. He has more than 21 years of experience helping organizations with technology and digital transformation, specifically around solving business problems related to CRM and data.

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