Visual Studio 2017 Released

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Visual Studio 2017 is now RTM and is available for download. This new version of Visual Studio brings many new features:

  • New Installation Experience – Select only the components you need to use (e.g. web, windows, mobile development features)
  • Supports C# 7.0 language features
  • Debugging Improvements – Exception Helper, faster code navigation, run to click, etc.
  • Live Unit Testing – Get visual feedback on unit test coverage as well as pass/fail as you’re writing code
  • New Git features available directly from the IDE
  • New .Net Core tooling and MSBuild-based project file
  • Node.js tools
  • Xamarin 4.3
  • NuGet – Dependencies can now be defined directly in the project file instead of an external packages.xml file
  • EditorConfig – Support for .editorconfig file that allows a team to define (at both a solution and project level) coding standards and how to treat standard violations (e.g. suggestion, warning, error, etc.)

That list does even scratch the surface of what is available (release notes here).
For today and tomorrow only (March 7 – 8 2017), Microsoft is giving demonstrations of various features (streaming live). Check it out!

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