Elevate Your Innovation with DevOps in a Box
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Elevate Your Innovation with DevOps in a Box

When Apple launched their iPhone nearly a decade ago, the proliferation of devices and subsequent innovation of mobile applications brought about an evolution in how everyday consumers interact with their technology. The arrival of their Application Store further created the paradox of choice as consumers found themselves with many options to connect with friends, do their shopping, play games, or navigate for directions.

Fast-forwarding into the present day, you’ll notice that there are many parallel storylines in the enterprise. The arrival of the cloud has invigorated technology professionals to innovate at a far lower cost, creating opportunities for a variety of different and qualified solutions on the market. While this is great for technology leaders, it also presents longer evaluation periods which could delay go-to-market strategies and product launches.

With so much on the line and few options out there, what’s a leader to do?

Introducing DevOps in a Box

At Perficient, we understand the influence of the consumerization of IT and its impact on marketplace transformation. While mobile and tablet consumers now purchase software through app stores, a gap exists on the enterprise level where technology executives lack a similar space to find their DevOps technologies. We’re filling that gap today with DevOps in a Box.

DevOps in a Box represents a paradigm shift, transforming the software development process from a defensive-minded philosophy to an offensive one. Anchored by award-winning DevOps solutions from IBM alongside non-IBM solutions, DevOps in a Box intends to help organizations optimize their digital transformation strategies. Here’s a sample of what’s available:

Sample IBM Solutions Sample Non-IBM Solutions
UrbanCode Build

UrbanCode Deploy

UrbanCode Release

IBM BlueMix

IBM Softlayer

CloudBees Jenkins




Sonatype Solutions

The benefits of DevOps in a Box don’t end there. We also continue to offer our proprietary solutions, including:

  • Innovation Lab: Our Innovation Lab is a 6-8-week step-by-step process where we help your organization adopt DevOps or cloud solutions through employee training, strategy, solution selection, and more. At the end, you’ll have an understanding of your path forward including development use cases and KPI’s.
  • Immersion Solution: If you’re facing cloud migration challenges, our Immersion Solution is a Migration-as-a-Service platform leveraged with IBM BlueMix that saves 40% over standard migration processes. The solution was recognized by IBM with the 2016 Beacon Award for Best Enterprise Cloud Solution.
  • MDI Framework: When embarking on a cloud development journey, you face numerous strategic, cultural, and business decisions. Our MDI Framework is built on delivering accelerated business-value for a balanced cloud-first strategy that eliminates waste, creates a future-proof business strategy, and capitalizes on the possibilities of cloud.

It’s our hope with DevOps in a Box that organizations can select their innovation solutions with confidence and ease while accelerating their go-to-market capabilities. This is just the beginning and we are excited for the possibilities that this solution will bring.

Get Started

Are you challenged by the paradox of choice in your DevOps toolchain selection? Let us help you with our DevOps in a Box solution. Reach out at sales@perficient.com to learn more.

Learn more about our IBM practice here.

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