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Demand More – My Learnings from Sitecore Symposium 2016

20160916_2143221The conference was a whirlwind of knowledge so much that there is no way to tell you all that I learned.  I will focus on 2 key messages I got from the sessions I attended, the keynotes and from talking to people at the events.

  1. Demand More
  2. The next Billionaire will be the one who affects a billion people in a positive way.
  3. Helix, Habitat, SXA and Ignition

Demand More
Whereas previously it was all about Owning the Experience, now we are at a new era.  Customers are starting to demand more from their experiences. Providers of software and services need to demand more of their customers too.  If we need clarity on issues reported, functionality they require we should be demanding that clarity without fear.  When working with providers of software and services we need to be demanding more from them so our clients get what they require.  It is also about demanding more from ourselves.  We need to look at what we are providing to our clients and partners.  Are we giving our 100% if not then look at the best way to improve that.
The Next Billionaire
During the keynotes and conversations at the various events this statement really affected a lot of people, each in a different way.  Akshay Sura and Mark Servais took that ran with it looking at a Family-Friendly Conference others looked at it as an opportunity to get a billion people healthy and fit.  Others thought about Helix Guidelines and Sitecore Ignition that are pushing towards the goal of reducing rescue projects.  Although not exactly a billion people, the premise of a positive effect on the community as a whole is there.  During the keynote and in most presentations the United Way Louisiana Flood Relief was mentioned.
Helix, Habitat, SXA and Ignition
A lot of talk was given to what these are, when to use them and their impact on the community.  Before the conference there was a lot of confusion on what these were and how they relate.  Stephen Tynes wrote a good article explaining Helix, Habitat and SXA.
I hope you learned a lot at Sitecore Symposium 2016 and hope to see you all in Vegas in 2017. If you have any questions feel free to email me at I am happy to assist where I can.

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