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Sitecore 10.4

Sitecore 10.4 is out and here’s all you need to know about it

That was a decent gap since 1.5 years ago Sitecore previously released a feature-full version of their XM/XP platform, namely 10.3 was released on December 1st of 2022. That is why I was very excited to look through the newest release of the vendor’s self-hosted platforms and familiarize myself with its changes. First and foremost, […]

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Implementing in the Sitecore FAQ Accordion Rendering

As we have discussed about in Sitecore and its benefits in my previous blog. We will be exploring the implementation of on components. In this blog, I am taking a scenario where I will be implementing on the FAQ Accordion component in Sitecore Prerequisites: Sitecore 9.1 and above SXA For this component, […]

Enhance Sitecore 10.2 Sitemap

Challenge: In Sitecore 10.2 with SXA, enhance the Sitemap with the following: Limit Sitemap content size to 50MB (uncompressed) and URL count to 50,000. If the limit is exceeded, split into multiple Sitemaps and reference them in a Sitemap Index. If you are on Sitecore 10.3, regarding this enhancement, check out the post – Split […]

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Split SXA Sitemap into Multiple Sitemaps if the Size Limit is Exceeded

Challenge: One of the best Sitemap practices is limiting a single sitemap to 50MB (uncompressed) or 50,000 URLs. We must break the Sitemap into multiple sitemaps if we have a larger file or more URLs. Then, reference each of them in the Sitemap index. Sitecore 10.3 onwards, SXA Sitemap supports splitting the Sitemap into multiple […]

Create Sitecore XM Cloud Components

The correct way of creating own components with XM Cloud

I sometimes see folks creating components in XM Cloud incorrectly. Therefore I decided to create and share this guidance with you. So, basically, there are five steps involved in creating your own component: Create an SXA module that will serve as a pluggable container for all the necessary assets for your components, if not done […]


SXA Map Component Part 8 Google Ratings and Reviews in Search Results

Challenge: While using the SXA Map with Search Results to explore nearby locations or businesses, I want to include Google ratings and reviews in the search results. This addition will allow me to gather valuable insights about each location or business without clicking on individual markers to open an info window. Solution: A quick look […]

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Intermittent Issues with Sitecore Solr Search Results

This blog post concerns the intermittent issue with Sitecore Solr search results in Solr Cloud. Depending on the application and architecture implementation, root causes can be different. But I would like to share the problem we faced and its fix so it may help someone facing the same problem and can apply the same fix. […]

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SXA Map component Part 7 Most Relevant Google reviews

Challenge: As a user, while browsing locations or businesses on the SXA Map, I want to see the most relevant Google review comments so I can gain more insights about the location or business. Solution: To set up the SXA Map on the page and add Google average rating and total reviews in the info […]

SXA Map component Part 6 Google average rating and total reviews

Challenge: As a user, while browsing locations or businesses on the SXA Map, I want to see the Google average rating and total reviews in the info window so I can decide on a better location or business. Solution: To set up the SXA Map on the page, please check the first post SXA Map […]

Xm Cloud Certified

XM Cloud Certification

Among several other XM Cloud platform enthusiasts, I was invited to take part in the XM Cloud beta certification. Taking into account that I was also involved in beta testing of XM Cloud Developer Fundamentals Training earlier in July (it is available now and I highly recommend the one), I would like to share overall […]


Still Working with Sitecore Without Docker? Check Sifon, your New Multitool in a Sitecore Toolbelt

Hey Sitecore professionals, if you have not heard about Sifon for Sitecore – you must definitely check this out. I spent a lot of time building and testing it and can say Sifon is a definite Swiss army knife for local Sitecore development in the right arms, so you’d really like to learn why. Installing […]

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Switch SXA Themes Based on Cookie Value

The Requirement There was a requirement to give users the ability to switch the themes of the site. We can have multiple use cases to switch the theme of the site as mentioned below and provide a better user experience. We can show a pop-up on the home page with a message like “Do you […]

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