Sitecore Chris’ MVP Summit Day 2

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We are onto day 2 and after an amazing day yesterday I am excited about what today holds.  I will keep you posted on the excitement as it unfolds and I am able to share.
While you are waiting check out Countdown to Ignition Day 5 – Ignition and other tools
At 8:00 am, the MVPs boarded a bus and drove to NOLA Mosport. This is is a picture of them looking out at the track in awe of where they are.
MVPs in Awe
The key takeaway of the day from a technical standpoint is that “Helix is the guidelines, habitat is the sample site. Use helix for production sites not habitat.” Once that was established we prepared for the fun time.  Group picture.
Ladies group picture.
Then the go carts
Lot of fun to be had.

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