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Liferay Introduces Improved Audience Targeting

Liferay recently released (Q2 2016) Audience Targeting 2.0 for Liferay DXP, improving the already powerful capabilities of segmenting your audience, targeting specific content to different user segments, and creating campaigns to target content to user segments. It also allows you to track user actions and generate reports that provide insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The Audience Targeting application for Liferay provides many ready to use features that provide a robust solution for many customers.  The default features can be extended using the SDK to create new segmentation rules, metrics and reports to meet your specific needs.

Eduardo Garcia, Senior Software Engineer at Liferay, recently presented on the new features in Audience Targeting 2.0 for Liferay DXP.  Here is an outline of his presentation:

  • Segmentation:
    • 34 existing rules in 4 categories
      • Behavior (Anonymous/Authenticated)
      • Session Attributes (Anonymous/Authenticated)
      • User Attributes (Authenticated)
      • Social (Authenticated)
    • 6 new rules to complete the set (from customer’s feedback)
      • IP Range (Anonymous/Authenticated)
      • Language (Anonymous/Authenticated)
      • Previously Visited Site (Anonymous/Authenticated)
      • Sign Up Date (Authenticated)
      • Last Login Date (Authenticated)
      • User Custom Fields (Authenticated)
    • Multi-instantiable Rules
      • Some rules can be added multiple times in Audience Targeting 2.0
        • Only for non-exclusive rules (e.g. not for Age, Gender…):
          • Custom Fields
          • Organization Member, Organization Role
          • Site Member, Site Role
          • User Group Member
          • Visited Content, Visited Page
        • AND operator applied
        • Provides more precise segmentation
      • User Segment Reporting
        • User segment related statistics
        • Two reports available out-of-the-box
          • Content Views (Available in 1.x)
            • What users classified in this user segment view
          • Users (New in 2.0)
            • Which users belong to this user segment
            • Distinction between Anonymous and Registered
            • Exportable as CSV
          • Campaigns – actions targeted to user segments in a period of time to achieve a certain goal:
            • New in Audience Targeting 2.0:
              • Support for multiple User Segments
              • Timezone selection for the date range
            • Report Builder
              • Campaign reports measure the performance of campaign actions
              • Two report types available in Audience Targeting 2.0
                • Content Views (Available in 1.x)
                  • What users targeted by this campaign view
                • Custom Reports (New in 2.0)
                  • Add new reports via UI
                  • Combine six metrics to track user interactions in your campaign
                  • Support for new Liferay Forms
                  • Visualize how users journey across your campaign elements
                • Asset Publisher Integration
                  • Combine the power of Asset Publisher (one of the most powerful and used Liferay applications) and user segmentation with Audience Targeting 2.0:
                    • Categorize your content with the user segments they are targeted to
                    • Enable the User Segments filter in the Asset Publisher configuration
                    • Each user views a different list of content based of their user segment
                  • Enhanced Simulation
                    • Audience Targeting provides three specific display applications to display targeted content in your site:
                      • User Segment Content Display
                      • Campaign Content Display
                      • User Segment Content List
                    • Audience Targeting provides two simulation mechanism to preview how these applications look for different user segments:
                      • Application level simulation (User Segment Display and Campaign Content Display)
                      • Page level simulation (All applications, combinable with device size simulation)

If you are interested in learning more and seeing these features in action, please attend the following sessions at the 2016 Liferay Symposium in Chicago on Monday September 26 – Tuesday September 27:

  • Monday, September 26, 2016
    • 9:40 AM – Make the Most of Audience Targeting 2.0: New Features and Tricks
    • 2:10 PM – The Power of Segmentation and Personas in Driving Personalization
    • 3:50 PM – Workshop 2 (1 hour): Creating Custom Reports in Audience Targeting
  • Tuesday, September 27, 2016
    • 9:40 AM – Building Deeper Customer Relationships with Audience Targeting

More details on the agenda can be found here:

Learn more

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