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Take the worry out of going mobile

The future of business is in your hands right now – or on your wrist or in your pocket.

More than two-thirds of consumer shopping and almost 40 percent of purchases occur with either a smartphone or tablet, according to Forrester Research. About 90 percent of e-commerce originates from mobile devices, and a growing segment of that market is switching to wearable devices.

By 2017, the wearables market will surpass 100 million product users, and by 2019 Gartner Research believes more than 30 percent of mobile apps will become “always on” tools exchanging continuous streams of information between customers and service providers.

Forrester envisions a stunning market evolution toward mobile before the decade runs out:

  • Global smartphone penetration will exceed 90 percent.
  • Mobile banking will displace online banking in the United States for routine transactions.
  • U.S. mobile and tablet sales volume will surpass $250 billion by 2020.

For consumers, the future of mobile is thrilling. New technologies always seem to be just around the corner. For businesses, there is another kind of excitement. Mobile is transforming the way they enable their work forces, acquire new customers and extend offers, and how they service and communicate with existing customers.

But mixed with that excitement is concern among many businesses that missteps are irreversible and lead inevitably down the wrong path. They want to be at the forefront of their industries but also wonder what risks and costs mobility brings.

Perficient eases those concerns by helping design, build, and deploy mobile sites and software that enhance a company’s market presence and grow revenue. Our extensive custom development experience spans a broad range of solutions and mobile enterprise application platforms. We offer integrated mobile CRM, field service, retail execution, enterprise content, tablet analytics, and more. And Perficient’s service spans the mobile life cycle – from strategy through user experience design and application testing on through to roll-out.

Success today requires companies to embrace freedom – the freedom to move and do business, wherever and whenever, at the speed of life. Perficient has the talent to lead companies down the right path toward mobile success and the insight to keep them there. Visit Perficient’s Mobile page and tell us how we can help you make the most of this exciting technology.

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