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Most Common NoSQL Databases

  1. Key-value pair NoSQL databases


  • Most basic type of NoSQL database
  • Two main concepts are Keys and Values
  • Keys are nothing but identifiers through which you can refer values
  • Values are values corresponding to a key
  • Values can be like string, blob, image etc.
  • Some database support buckets to provide separate placeholder to logically separate data. For e.g. account data goes to account bucket, orders go to order bucket




  • Databases: Oracle NoSQL, Redis, Cassandra

      2. Document NoSQL Database

  • Document database are similar to key-value databases with one different that they treat value as document of various types like JSON, XML etc.

For e.g.

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  • Values don’t need to be in predefined format.
  • It can offers API to run against values to give custom results. For e.g. you can make query like give me order which was placed on date 08-10-2015
  • Databases:  CouchDB, MongoDB


     3. Column style NoSQL databases

  • Somewhat similar to relational databases as it stores value in columns.
  • Little bit more complex than Key-value database or document store databases.
  • Column have Name and Value


  • One or more columns make Row
  • Rows can have different columns
  • Don’t need to have predefined schema
  • Databases:  HBase , Cassandra


     4. Graph NoSQL Databases

  • Little complex than other NoSQL databases
  • Uses concept from graph theory called vertices and edges or nodes/relations to represent data
  • Node is nothing but an object which have set of attributes
  • Relationship is link between two nodes
  • Attributes/Properties are the piece of information that relates two nodes
  • Databases: Neo4J, OrientDB


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