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Forrester CX: Yes You Can Fix Culture


Alex Jakobson from TeleTech runs the change practice.  He focuses on how to get humans to change.  It’s critical to put a new set of technologies in play but if humans don’t want to change….

It was a packed session so you know how important a topic culture is.


  1. Provide everyone here with some kind of value.
  2. Make this a little fun
  3. Create some kind of action from the session

HBR said, “You can’t fix culture” Alex said, “That’s a shame because that’s what I do.

In contrast look at Culture Colors Everything, how to transform culture.

Survey of the room: 80% of everyone were trying to change culture in the room.

Quote: Unless you are in the top 5% of effective leaders, you require a highly focused and sustained compliance set of activities.

Defining Culture

  1. The collective programming of the mind which distinguishes one group from another. Hofsteade
  2. The patterns of thinking that drives the quality of our actions. Teletech CSS

Culture impacts business results.  Cultural Expectations –> Thinking, Behavior, Skills –> Individual Performance–> Results

What drives cultural expectations?

  1. Infrastructure and management: structure, policies, strategy, planning, etc.
  2. Leadership: communication, behavior, mindset and beliefs

Both are important. Alex makes the point that leadership is more important.

What Impacts Performance

Alignment X Capability X Mindset = Exceptional Performance

Customer Centric Interactions

  1. Align your processes and technologies around your customer centric culture
    1. It’s through the entire lifecycle of a custome


Talent Living and Break Culture

Activating the talent

  1. Alex showed a very complex chart from employee onboarding through training, development, and leadership.
  2. It takes a number of systems and activities including the measurement of the talent

Case Study: ING partnered with TeleTech to introduce emotional intelligence into leadership, communication, and performance management.   The aim was to rebuild trust and transform the internal culture to create more intimate relationships with clients.  Results: 80% higher growth from existing clients.   10% productivity increase.


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