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Last week we attended the Modern CX event in Las Vegas. It was a great gathering of not only CX executives, product developers, marketers, and thought leaders from Oracle, and several Oracle partners, but also clients that had great successes in the Customer Experience transformations using Oracle products. The event’s focus was not pure technology, but how companies have had success in using Oracle CX suite of products and are able to deliver great customer experience throughout the customer journey and across all interaction channels. They also showcased how you can socially enable your enterprise, empower mobile access anywhere, and apply learned insights from actionable data, all with the speed and agility of the Cloud.

One of the highlights of the event was the key-note speeches from Troy Cater and Mark Hurd. Tory Carter shared his great personal story and highlighted the need to not only cultivate brand loyalty but also cultivate brand advocates as the next level. Mark Hurd’s talk highlighted the need for focus on customer experience at any company, as companies that focus on customer experience and satisfaction have a 500% more return on equity. He also highlighted the need for focus on the next generation and how the next generation is transforming how sales, marketing, customer service, and commerce work, with their increased expectations, how they expect the company to interact with them digitally.

At the conference, Oracle showcased their strategy on building a suite of CX products capable of delivering a seamless end-to-end CX experience across organizational silos. This in combination with their technology stack makes Oracle a great powerhouse in the CX space, and Perficient is proud of our partnership with Oracle in delivering these CX solutions.

The three days went by in no time; Oracle also ensured it is a fun filled event with concerts from Bastille and Goo Goo Dolls, and several after parties.

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