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Git – If you don’t know, now you know!

Ever since Microsoft started adding support for Git into Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), many veteran developers on the Microsoft stack who had never used Git before started wondering what was up with that.  One of the things I quickly picked up on at the Build 2016 conference is that most of the dev teams at Microsoft are all switching to Git because of the flexibility it gives them.
I went to a few sessions that talked about Git and VSTS, and one of them was talking about why most of the Microsoft developer teams have moved over to using Git instead of Team Foundation version Control (TFVC).
Basically, one of the main reasons is that it is starting to become a universal development standard now.  It works really great for allowing tiny branches for hot fixes and new features. You can also setup workflows to not allow code to be merged into the main branch until someone approves it, which is really nice. TFVC may also be able to do some of these things too, but I love the concept of each developer having a copy of the repository locally. It’s like making each developer have their own copy of a database when working on an app with a database back-end; it’s just much cleaner.
If Microsoft development teams are using Git, I highly recommend for all Microsoft stack developers to start learning it…or you may “git” left behind :).

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