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API Connect: Map Gateway cluster to auto-generated gateway domain

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In API Connect v, Cloud Manager portal doesn’t reflect the auto-generated gateway/application domain name for gateway cluster. If you are planning to configure multiple gateway clusters(E.q. DEV, QA and UAT clusters) on a single management server instance and leverage same gateway server (DataPower appliance) for all, it will auto-create multiple domains on gateway server but you will not have any idea, which domain belongs to which gateway cluster.

You will be wondering , why should I care about auto-generated gateway/application domain? Well, As long as all your API’s are running successfully, no need. But in case of troubleshooting, user-defined policy implementation etc. , you will be interested to know that mapping. Here is the solution, you can leverage before IBM provides this feature on Cloud Manager portal in upcoming release.

Invoke following restful API. Please ensure you are logged into the Cloud Manager portal before invoking this API. As you can see sample response below, Its an array. Each JSON object contains name of gateway cluster and gateway domain along-with other additional fields.

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https://<Management server IP address>/cmc/proxy/gatewayClusters

Sample Response

“url”: “https://<Management Server IP>/cmc/proxy/gatewayClusters/56fd840ee4b0e472744d3bbf”,
“id”: “56fd840ee4b0e472744d3bbf”,
“createdAt”: “2016-03-31T20:09:50.541+0000”,
“updatedAt”: “2016-03-31T20:27:04.130+0000”,
“createdBy”: “SYSTEM”,
“updatedBy”: “admin”,
“name”: “DEV_Cluster”,
“hostname”: “<Gateway Server IP>”,
“multiSite”: false,
“servers”: [“/servers/56fd890fe4b0e472744d40c5”],
“port”: 443,
“portBase”: 2443,
“groupId”: 0,
“gatewayDomainName”: “APIMgmt_8641EF0B14”,
“sslProfileId”: “56fd83d2e4b0e472744d3b48”,
“configurationTimestamp”: “2016-03-31T20:27:04.130+0000”

“url”: “https://<Management Server IP>/cmc/proxy/gatewayClusters/5707cf95e4b068f13ba09023”,
“id”: “5707cf95e4b068f13ba09023”,
“createdAt”: “2016-04-08T15:34:45.140+0000”,
“updatedAt”: “2016-04-08T15:34:45.140+0000”,
“createdBy”: “admin”,
“updatedBy”: “admin”,
“name”: “QA_Cluster”,
“hostname”: “<Gateway Server IP>”,
“multiSite”: false,
“servers”: [“/servers/5707cfbee4b068f13ba09026”],
“port”: 443,
“portBase”: 2443,
“groupId”: 0,
“gatewayDomainName”: “APIMgmt_BE22E5F0BD”,
“sslProfileId”: “56fd83d2e4b0e472744d3b48”,
“configurationTimestamp”: “2016-04-08T15:34:45.218+0000”




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