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IBM Tools Achieve Automation and Scalability in Telecom

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A leader in global telecommunications services, providing IP and networking solutions to businesses and enterprises, uses a complex algorithm to score potential building candidates for their communication services. The scoring parameter values and calculation rules, which had to be built into their algorithm, change quarterly, which caused very complicated and time-consuming IT code changes. While this scoring process was vital to their business, it was also largely manual, with the scores and calculation rules being tracked in spreadsheets. This telecom giant needed a scalable and automated solution that could score the thousands of building location candidates they assessed per month.

Using IBM Operational Decision Manager and IBM Information Server DataStage, Perficient architected, designed, and developed a rules-based scoring system. The business rules, factoring in the changing scoring calculation requirements, were written in IBM ODM, and DataStage was used to integrate data from multiple sources to inform the scoring process.

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Through the implementation of DataStage, all source data was integrated into a central repository, and through ODM, dynamic rulesets are maintained and stored in a common repository. Together, the automated scoring solution enables candidate decisions in real-time, using current data.

This new system not only automates candidate scoring, but it also enables business users to manage and build their own scoring tables and calculation rules through an easy-to-use interface without the need for coding. This telecommunications leader now has a scalable, automated building selection process tool that can adapt easily to their changing business priorities and requirements with minimal resource investment.

The client’s solution:

  • Eliminated 99% of manual intervention that was required in their old system
  • Enabled an automated system for scoring and threshold rules which acts as a repository and provides auditing, versioning, traceability, and rollback functionalities
  • Cut down the time needed to provide revenue thresholds and candidate scores to each building by 50%
  • Replaced the outdated system without losing any of the current functionality


What are other ways IBM technologies are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry? Share your story below.

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Alexandra Haefele

Alexandra is a Marketing Manager for middleware and systems solutions at Perficient.

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