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Top 4 Reasons to Sign Up For Our Healthcare Blog Weekly eDigest

Top 4 Reasons to Sign Up for Our Healthcare Weekly eDigest

Did you know Perficient has a healthcare blog weekly eDigest?
We understand how busy you are and how it can be a challenge to keep up so we have produced a weekly eDigest that delivers a snapshot of our best content right to your inbox every Sunday evening. To sign up all you have to do is provide us with your email address at the bottom of this post. Not sure you want to receive this email? Here are 4 reasons why you should give it a shot:

Stay Updated Even On The Go
Our Perficient healthcare team produces and delivers healthcare thought leadership and industry trends content in a variety of formats including webinars (both live and on-demand), white papers and guides, infographics and blog posts and more. We understand how tough it can be to keep track of it all. Sign up (at the bottom of this post) for the weekly eDigest to stay informed and you get everything you need to know in a concise and easy-to-read digest on Sunday evening, via email.

Talk The Talk
The healthcare industry can be very dizzying and it is hard to keep up on the latest trends, topics and happenings. Whether your colleagues want to talk about connected health, business intelligence and analytics, operational performance or other healthcare-related topics we have you covered. Sign up (at the bottom of this post) for our weekly eDigest and we will arm you with plenty to talk about.

A Little Bit of This. A Little Bit of That.
Whether you prefer more visual content like infographics or a more detailed and longer-form of content like our white papers and guides we provide a variety of formats to fit your preferences. Best of all our content is complimentary and quick to get your hands on.

Nothing To Lose
We will be shocked if you don’t find our content to be relevant, timely and valuable. However, if by the slim chance you don’t find value in our content you can easily opt-out of our weekly eDigest.

So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today!

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Kate Tuttle

Kate Tuttle is a senior marketing professional with more than 13 years of marketing experience in both B2B and B2C environments. She has more than 7 years of healthcare industry experience and is passionate about technology and its impact on consumer experience.

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