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What I Learned on Day 0 of the I Love APIs Conference

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Today is the first day of I Love APIs in San Jose, CA. The force is strong with everyone here, and the API energy is vibrant – even before the coffee station was out. Day 0 is a major workshop day with:

  • Foundational Topics in Apigee Edge
  • Advanced Topics in Apigee Edge
  • Zero to Thousands TPS: Private Cloud Operations Workshop
  • API-first Mobile Development Featuring Angular.js and Node.js
  • How to Build Successful Developer Programs

What is I Love APIs? Go here for a run down of the conference by Alexandra Haefele: How to Get the Most Out of the I Love APIs 2015 Conference

Day 0 

Monday – 9:30 AM – Entering the Advanced Concepts workshop for Apigee Security and Application development. Crash course on Apigee topics with Alex Koo, Principal Architect, and Diego Zuluaga, Principal Architect at Apigee.


11:00 AM – Using Cloud9 ( we ar deploying proxies in a Node.js workspace. Having some OAuth configuration fun while working through the Github repository posted in apigee/apigee-platform-samples READMEs with Alex & Diego collaborating with attendees!



12:30 PM – To sum up session I of Advanced concepts, we created Node.js workspaces using c9 and configured the oauth-advanced sample proxy to register, then login, to allow/deny the request for an access token. Built an API proxy in Apigee Edge and implemented 3-legged OAuth 2.0 using Node.js











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12:30 PM – Lots of time collaborating with attendees, and ran into ‘technical difficulties’ for some. Lunch time!

1:15 PM –  Conference photos along with tonights IoT setups –



conf_2 conf_1conf_3 conf_4







1:30 PM – Session II: Mashups and CORS – With Maruti C and Vinit Mehta!

World of Mashups – How mashups are being used today – great resource.

3:30 PM – Session III: Continuous Integration

Building a CI Cycle

API Proxy Scaffolding Generator – Installing Node, Yeoman, Grunt, and then running ‘yo apigee-deploy-grunt-api’ to generate folder contents

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