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Service Cloud Keynote Highlights from #DF15


The Service Cloud Keynote kicked off at 12:30 PST on Thursday with more than 7,000 in attendance, and 70,000 watching online. If you happened to miss it, here a few key highlights and takeaways from the presentation:


  • Service Cloud is the number one service application in the world
  • Salesforce is focused on delivering a better customer experience in a connected world
  • By 2020, there will be 75 billion connected devices, or 58 devices per person in the most connected countries.
  • Key customer service trends are around providing a next level customer experience. Any device, at any time, and via any support channel

Metrics around moving to Service Cloud:

  • +45% Faster Average Handle Time
  • +45% Support Cost Savings
  • +47% Agent Productivity
  • +48% Faster Case Resolution
  • +45% Customer Satisfaction Scores

Three Pillars of Service Cloud:

To discuss the three pillars of Service Cloud, Mike Miburn (SVP & GM Service Cloud) announced three new features that will be added to the Service Cloud line-up. Lightning for Service, Apps for Service, and Wave for Service.

1. Lighting for Service (Faster Service)

Intelligent Routing

  • Real-Time Presence
  • Seamless Interaction

2. Apps for Service (Smarter Apps)

Knowledge for Apps

  • Chat for Apps
  • SOS for Apps
  • Case for Apps
  • Tap-To-Call for Apps

3. Wave for Service (Powerful Insights)

  • Analytics for Manager
  • Analytics for Agents
  • Console Visualization

To provide a real-life example of how the three pillars work in various industries, Mike brought on executives from Stanley Healthcare, Intuit, and San Francisco SPCA to discuss their Service Cloud installations:

Stanley Healthcare

Stanley utilizes omni-channel routing to automatically route the most important cases to their agents, and once they accept the case, they have an immediate 360-degree view of the customer within the Service Console. They can also be proactive when it comes to dealing with their customer issues utilizing Wave to to analyze customer data in real time.

As part of this, Stanley’s customer satisfaction scores have gone way up, and the cost to onboard new agents has reduced significantly.


Intuit’s mission, according to Jennifer Hall (Chief Customer Care Office), is to help customers improve their financial life. A major part of this, is ensuring they are providing a higher level of support to their customers. They do this by utilizing Service Cloud’s SOS feature to build a deeper connection with their customers while providing them support on a mobile device. If any customer has an issue while in TurboTax or QuickBooks they can quickly and easily get support whenever, wherever they are.

By taking this approach, Intuit has already seen a 15% increase in their resolution rates, and have an increased customer confidence in their support.

San Francisco SPCA

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett (Co-Found of San Francisco SPCA) talked to the crowd about how they are utilizing Wave Analytics and Service Cloud to reduce the number of abandoned animals in the city. In fact, they have a corporate goal end animal abandonment by 2020. To accomplish this, they’ve set up a contact center powered by Service Cloud to allow them to gather data and proactively manage crises involving animals, then take situations to a resolution where the animal either stays in its home, or is immediately adopted by their no kill shelter.

Within a short period of time, the San Francisco SPCA has already seen a drop in the abandonment rate through empowering their agents with data and analytics.

Key Takeaway

The key message I took away from this presentation is to make sure you maintain a strong focus on your customer’s experience. Ensuring support is provided at the right time, on any device, and via any channel. With the move to a more connected world, as Marc Benioff talked about in his keynote, your customers are going to expect an integrated, intelligent service solution, and if it’s not available they will go looking somewhere else. Service Cloud can be the backbone to provide this next level experience.

To further illustrate the opportunity at-hand for Salesforce customers, I will end with a quote from Mike Milburn: “2/3 of customers will leave you if they feel their experience isn’t being met.”

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