Dreamforce: Salesforce Files Roadmap


Various Salesforce product managers gave an overview of the Salesforce Files roadmap today at Dreamforce.

The abstract from the session:

Join us to get a firsthand look at what’s next for Salesforce Files. We’ll show you new ways to connect your enterprise content directly in the flow of business processes – no matter where the content resides, either on premise or in the cloud. Get a peek at the magic behind our newly enhanced Files Productivity Platform. Find out how to put the most relevant files directly in the hands of your employees, partners, and customers to make their productivity soar. And learn how to create productivity-enhancing Files apps faster and easier than you ever imagined.

Adam Wegel and Kushwant Singh were the main presenters. They primarily focused on the roadmap with a smattering of demos.

The Agenda

  • Quick overview
  • sneak peak of winter 2016
  • Roadmap – beyond Winter ’16
  • Questions and Answers

Don’t forget the Files Group in the Success Community


Files are at the heart of every business process.  You see files everywhere including sales enablement, service agent enablement, etc.

The problem is finding the content in context.  You want to find the most relevant content in the flow of business process.   That’s based on role as well as process.

Statistic: 250,000 organizations use Salesforce Files


  1. Connnect
    1. Get the files from SharePoint, Google, OneDrive, Box (soon), etc.
    2. Now able to get into office365 from the salesforce mobile1 app
  2. Collaborate
    1. File sync
      1. across any device
      2. version management etc.
      3. increased limit to 2 Gig
  3. Organize
    1. Includes libraries, permissions, topics, metadata
    2. Making this more of a record after collaborate
    3. Libraries are going through a revolution
  4. Discover
    1. It’s a record
    2. Make it searchable
    3. Put files on cases, leads, etc.
  5. Sharing
    1. Really rich permissioning capabilities
    2. External content delivery


Kush did a demo

  • Showed a marketing group in chatter
    • now have announcements
    • combined feed post is new
    • Rich data in the feed now
    • Just implemented action links. e.g. workflow in the feed
  • Eric needs to collaborate on a first call deck
    • Syncs the file
      • can sync to a specified folder or sub-folder
      • automatically syncs across all devices
    • Finish and version
    • Share to the branding group who needs to finish up the final slide
      • Can do @mention from the sharing dialog box
    • transition from desktop to cloud is seamless
    • From chatter you can attach files to the stream
      • showed a variety of external options like Google, SharePoint to OneDrive, Box, etc.
      • Can open a file from chatter
      • They showed straight to Office 365 online app
    • Save went straight to cloud drive
    • Deck is now ready to be used by Sales
  • Use of files in context
    • Showed the new UI of lightning desktop
    • focus is on efficiency for sales reps in the opportunity
    • Fiels are in the left nav at the top of the opportunity
    • Showed connected files in the dasbhoard
      • Can associate files based on metadata
      • There is a free app exchange app called relevant content
    • Showed the new file there
    • Lightning is really a whole bunch of Lightning components
      • file preview
      • sharing dialog
      • file list views
    • File Preview player
      • Kush, the developer walked us through it.
      • Preview on laptop is full screen and built on html5
      • It’s mobile friendly though
      • It’s smart and anticipates where your next move is going to be.  e.g. don’t download the entire file, just the right amount of slides and pages
      • In scroll mode, tool bar disappears – smart bards
      • Tool bar appears when you stop scrolling
      • Built on vector graphics technology.  That’s awesome to see it scale to any device small or large
      • Full screen view support
        • start presenting immediately
      • Actions available
        • download
        • upload
        • delete
        • information
        • Coming soon: sharing

Future Roadmap

btw, they presented from Files thereby taking advantage of the presentation function from Files Preview Player


  • Corey, lead UX designer showed off what’s coming up.
  • Unified files home
    • in lightning UI of course
    • show your files first
    • Introducing foldering which can be shared
    • all folders can be synced
    • Can assign any type of metadata and surface it
    • New card tile layout
      • more visual way to see it.
      • It’s image based tiles
  • fix filters in left nav
  • Company folders
    • Still have content libraries
    • supports subfolders
    • Available in Lightning and Salesforce1
    • these are folders at the company level of your org
    • can set special permissions on them
    • Can still set metadata on the files
  • Files Connect
  • Files Sync
  • External sources highlighted

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