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Get “IPO Ready” at Dreamforce 2015

IPO readiness roundtables lunch Dreamforce

Back by popular demand, Perficient will be partnering with Salesforce to host the 2nd annual IPO Readiness Roundtables Luncheon at Dreamforce 2015. Dreamforce-logo

Preparing for an IPO is no easy feat. That process typically runs parallel with the routine demands of building and managing a high-growth business. This exclusive event is designed for IT and operations folks at organizations looking to realize the “IPO dream”.

Roundtable discussions will focus on things like:

  • Roles and responsibilities leading up to IPO
  • Evaluating your business infrastructure to ensure IPO readiness
  • Modernizing CRM and evolving business processes
  • Creating the elusive “360-degree view” of the customer
  • Lessons learned from blockbuster IPOs

…and more!

Our Salesforce customers that have traveled down the road to IPO have undoubtedly learned some valuable lessons and have reached out to us along the way to help solve many of these business and technology issues. We’re grateful that several of our great customers have volunteered their time and are so willing to share their IPO journeys and best practices to integrate, automate and operationalize their business to experience growth after IPO.

Learn more about the event and Perficient’s presence at Dreamforce 2015.

Meet the Moderators

We’ll be joined by a panel of speakers representing companies that have recently gone public, and will share their IPO journeys and perspectives on aligning people, process, data and technology.

Peter_Bardwick_150Peter Bardwick, CFO
Nitro, Inc.





Christopher Nelson Senior Director of IT Business Applications SplunkChristopher Nelson, Senior Director of IT Business Applications



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