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Cloud Computing And Network Security

Effortless Data Integration: Step-by-step Editing and Running of Oracle EPM Cloud Pipelines

In my recent blog, Efficiency Redefined: How Oracle Cloud EPM Pipelines Can Streamline Your Business Process, I discussed how Perficient implemented a single streamlined process to organize the daily data load and processing jobs of one of our clients. Now, let’s review editing an existing Pipeline to add a new job, how to execute the […]

Efficiency Redefined: How Oracle Cloud EPM Pipelines Can Streamline Your Business Process

Oracle’s new Pipelines feature in the Enterprise Performance Management Cloud (EPM) applications was made available with the June 2023 update. Pipelines allow for organizing individual jobs into one overall procedure directly within the EPM application, even across multiple EPM applications. You can learn more about this new feature in a recent Perficient blog Oracle EPM […]

Focus And Dedication Got Her Far

ERP Essentials – Business Process Design, Optimization, Reporting Requirements

ERP Essentials – Business Process Design, Optimization, Reporting Requirements Know Your Audience If you think about the make up of your company, in terms of personnel and the roles they play, no matter what level someone sits at, CEO, Line Manager, down to Assembler, you can describe that person as a creator of data or […]

Male Team Leader Talking To Diverse Businesspeople At Office Meeting

Forget ABC: Make ABL a Top Commerce Priority in 2021

I’m sure if you haven’t seen, you’ve at least heard of the infamous sales scene from the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross. But if you haven’t, in this particular scene the character played by Alec Baldwin rants for 7+ minutes on why the under-motivated real estate agents should “Always Be Closing.” The scene itself is […]

Get “IPO Ready” at Dreamforce 2015

Back by popular demand, Perficient will be partnering with Salesforce to host the 2nd annual IPO Readiness Roundtables Luncheon at Dreamforce 2015.  Preparing for an IPO is no easy feat. That process typically runs parallel with the routine demands of building and managing a high-growth business. This exclusive event is designed for IT and operations folks at […]

Drawloop Acquired, Strengthens Salesforce O365 Integration

Salesforce users are continuously looking for the next opportunity to extend the value of their cloud-based platform into new areas of the business or solve unique challenges. That’s the beauty of the platform and having a vibrant developer ecosystem building business apps. Bringing together workflow automation and document generation capabilities to streamline processes is often a difficult and expensive […]

3 Elements to a Successful Salesforce Sales Cloud Rollout

  Introduction All companies have a sales system to monitor and manage their leads and future opportunities.  Some companies have simple systems including spreadsheets or even, old school, black books. Other companies have, or plan to have, a sales force automation (SFA) tool like Salesforce.  Once you have purchased the Sales Cloud platform from Salesforce, […]

Introducing Agile Enterprise Transformation

IT Transformation has been a buzzword for more than a decade now, but what does it really mean? The first time I heard it used regularly was in relation to specific Department of Defense (DoD) technology initiatives from the early 2000s. I had the opportunity to work on several of those projects and as the […]

[Part Two] Reengineering for the 21st Century Business – Industry Interview

[This post is a collaboration between Max Milhan and Kevin Feldhus. Kevin graduated from Colorado State University in 1991 with a Masters in Information Systems Management. His experience includes banking, IT, IT consulting and management consulting and he has worked on business process management in several different roles since 1999.] Following a great Business Process […]