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Intro to Bing Ads’ Parameter Insertion for Ad Optimization

If you’re not using parameter fields in Bing Ads yet to customize your ad copy, I highly suggest giving them a shot. They are extremely effective in making your ads more relevant while also helping to make your job a little easier by preventing the need to manage as many ad groups as you may need in Google. In my opinion, if Bing Ads has any feature better than Google, it’s this one.
You’re likely already familiar with Keyword Insertion in which a searcher’s exact query displays in the ad. To use Keyword Insertion, you would simply add the phrase {KeyWord:Sample Text} into your ad and the user’s query (as long as it fits within title guidelines) will be used in place of that phrase. This makes your ads extremely relevant because the searcher sees their exact search phrase in the ad copy, which improves click-through rate.
Parameter Insertion goes another step further by allowing more control over what is inserted. The PPC manager is able to specify the best possible phrase on a keyword level by adding the desired phrase into a param field within Bing Ads. You would then add the phrase {param1:Sample Text} into your ad in order to pull the title from whichever field you placed it into.Bing Param Insertion Ad
There are 3 param fields in Bing Ads, so the phrase would specify either param1, param2, or param3, depending on which field you’re pulling from.
Tomorrow, I’ll get into more specific ways to use these parameters to customize and optimize your ad copy. Check back to learn more!

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